I Celebrate You, Woman!💝🎉😊

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After a tiring and stressful day which really wasn’t supposed to be that stressful, I sat down wondering if I should finally write this post. Hours after hours, I kept pushing it away and telling “me” that I do need to rest but finally, I reached for the laptop to finally write this. I mean, celebrating people isn’t supposed to add to one's stress, is it?


I Woke up this morning and upon checking whastapp, I saw this lady happened to have posted a lot of photos on her status which well, I decided to check and then noticed all the photos seemed to have some sweet words attached to them, written by her.

Still unclear about what the photos were all about or what special occasion it was, I stumbled upon my photo too, which well, made me more confused. Well, the whole reason for the photos and words was contained in a writeup which I happened to have ignored, I decided to “search for clarity” and boom, I realized it was Women’s day! Silly me forgot, I really should keep this date stuck to my brain.

Am I much of a woman or even one who deserves to be celebrated? To be honest, I have no idea! But I appreciate this lady for taking that step to celebrate ladies which she knows and believed to have touched her life in some way, me inclusive. Just like her, I believe every woman out there deserves to be celebrated.

I mean, If for anything, I probably expected her to post photos of exceptional women who are actually breaking barriers (or have) in amazing ways and probably not even remember the everyday woman out there or the women in her life...

I have met a lot of women in my life, most, from which I have received tons of love, wisdom and learned lessons as well. From being born by one, loved and nurtured by her, being sisters with one, being friends with quite a lot and meeting a ton of them through this journey of life. All of them have blessed my life in a way and I celebrate them for that.


For the woman out there who is trying so hard to make a difference, I celebrate you. Whether it is on a big scale or a really small one, it all counts and it all makes a difference.


Before being a woman, you are human first and you being a woman doesn't make that any different. What you put your heart into, you will get it done, in the best way possible. You are valuable, you don't have to prove a point to any point to anyone...

To all the women out there that have worked extra hard to make this world a better place for themselves and others, I celebrate you. To all those putting in that work to make it even better, I celebrate you. To all those trying so hard to find a place for themselves, somewhere, in this world, I celebrate you.


To all women sacrificing their time for their loved ones, I celebrate you. To all the women out there, I celebrate you!

I know a ton of women in my life, all who deserve to be celebrated and appreciated in some way but I certainly can't name them all here, but just in case you stop by here today and you happen to be a woman, I celebrate and appreciate you for being a part of us.

I haven't done much, I haven't lived long enough, and there is so much I can and need to do, and being a woman wouldn't stand on my way, infact, it will strengthen me. So, fill your hearts with love and positive vibes, keep living and go after that which you desire


Much Love — Audrey ❤


Happy Women's Day!

Thank you, Kim!😊❤

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Happy woman’s day ! And I believe your are doing well representing women with your positive content and bring oh so you. Blessings young woman, I celebrate you 💝

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That's so sweet of you, thank you so much...😊

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Happy woman’s day, woman!

Thank you so much, Dandays....😊

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I was reading these days the moment when women received the right to vote, or to drive, or to have a job. Is only few years ago the society had accepted that we are accountable enough to live :) It is important to celebrate this and to remember that is very easy to flip on the other/hate size

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I really recognise this haha. I had the same experience and then found out it was international women's day. ❤️ Love your writing

What a great way to be reminded of it, eh?? I am glad you did enjoy my writing...

Thank you for stopping by...

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