Blown off Course Part 1

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In the above video we see a family of Ducks walking in lockstep. They are moving towards a goal with precision and purpose. Suddenly and without warning they are blown off course by a strong gust of wind. They are scattered and battered. But notice that they pick themselves up, regroup and continue on.

Caught By Surprise

Life has a way of catching us by surprise. There are things we will encounter that will be unexpected, unanticipated, and unprepared for. We can find ourselves scrambling to simply hold things together. I have suffered more setbacks than I can count. In those times of discouragement I would let it all go to seed. I discovered I was making the hole deeper. Here is what I have learned from my experiences.

Getting Back On Course

  1. Take a moment to catch your breath. Notice the mother duck takes a moment to survey her ducklings. The key is to not stay “sidelined” too long. If we are going to reach our destination, eventually we will have to get back in the game.

  2. Keep the main thing the main thing. There will be something’s that will go undone. Make sure that the "right things” are getting done. Notice the mother duck does not simply takeoff. She makes sure that the ducklings are ready to follow. The main thing is that they all make it to their destination.

  3. Don’t quit. The ducks have no idea if more gusts of winds are coming or when. Regardless, they keep moving forward. I have learned that the secret is to keep moving.

QUESTION: How have you learned to overcome times of difficulty and setback?

"We don’t slip into our greatest achievements. We commit and then make them happen." Michael Hyatt

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me Phil. 4:13

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