The Petticoat Lady!

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Some people take what skills they have, and start a business, with simple straight forward implemented actions.


Some people do amazing things!

…Things you wished you had thought of doing, “Why didn’t I think of doing that?  

It was such a simple thing to do too? Can you believe it? And the way they did it? So easy to do! It was the obvious place to do it too! Why don’t we see and grab opportunities when they are staring us right in the face?! 

Well, let us take a tip from the lady, our son meet in the Cape (South Africa), years ago. 

Sorry I don’t know her name, it’s just something my son told me. And he was excited about too. She really inspired him. 

She knew her abilities:

Being new at sewing, she could sew, but nothing fancy. She needed a simple pattern, nothing complicated. 

  • She decided she would sew half-slip petticoats. That was the easiest for her to do. 
  • She had a sewing machine and so started working from home, on her brave little project. 

Very simple procedure:

  1. First she bought some white nylon material and cut it up into rectangle shapes. No fancy curvy shapes, just straight forward lines to cut out. 
  2. She sewed the two short ends together. One straight easy seam. 
  3. She had also bought white border lace. She sewed that to the open bottom edge. 
  4. She had also bought elastic. So she sewed that to the other top open end. 

And Walla! She had her first half-slip petticoat! 

She also cut out other rectangles to make more half-slip petticoats. But these rectangles were slightly different in size. This was for different woman body sizes. 

Where she setup business:

This little clever woman decided to sit right outside a well-known business, where there was to be lots of woman working there. And sell her half-slip petticoats, as the staff came out of work, at knock off time. 

That first day, she sold all of her petticoats, at a very reasonable price. I personally don’t know how many. Our son didn’t say either.  

She went home happy that first night, knowing all her effort hadn’t been in vain. 

But she didn’t sleep that night:

She went home to sew some more petticoats for the next day. 

In the morning she bought some more materials, before selling her last night’s work. This time she sat outside another factory… and sold that batch of petticoats too. 

She continued:

She would go to different factories close to her home, until she became well known and successful enough to hire another woman to help sew what she couldn’t do. 

Now it wasn’t just petticoats, it was skirts too. Between them they had so many orders; the lady had to hire another third person as well. 

Then it was big-time!

After a while, things got completely out of hand. There were so many orders, she was forced to rent a small factory premises and hire fashion designers to open up much fancier clothing lines. 

Knowing what to make:

The reason she did so well, is because she learnt what the public really wanted at grassroots, and produced stuff that woman couldn’t possibly resist. 

To woman, buying clothes is an emotional trip. Clothes must look good on you, and give you that special something that `makes heads turn’ in your direction! 

And not just clothes for tiny slim woman either… But also for the bigger, the more glorious figure, too. 

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What a lady...


A amazing woman. She not only found work for herself, but also for other people too.

Your painting ,art , design and your one writing story so very informative a and good to read to get inspiration..
Thanks for sharing..


I was hoping the idea would inspire people to start a small business from nothing! If folks haven't already thought of something they could do!

Knowing what people want is the only thing to start a successful business, though with this much little resources she manage to start a successful business,

why we can't do that?
we just afraid of falling down or getting failed.


We often complain about our lot, but she didn't. She did something about her lot.
Fear holds us back. And nothing special happens in our lives.

Yeah this is extra ordinary post and this story so very philosophical..
Thanks for sharing... upvote and resteemit done..

Astonishing lady.. that is cool post

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It's a great example of having the sense of smell to know when an opportunity is at hand and not lose time to jump on it. Business, like anything else in life (love, health, friends, fun) is about being alert.

I know many people who have succeede in business and in life thanks to that attitude (half agressiveness, hald determination and creativity).

I have never been able to conceive a business (selling-buying, dealing, managing). When i was little my mother would send me to a high school to sell empanadas at the gate. There were other kids selling empanadas too and many other things (cakes, home-made plastic cup icecream, candy, etc.). I would feel ashamed of chanting my product and there was this little girl I knew who would sell all hers and then help me sell mine. She was very outgoing and would swear on her mother's grave (her mother was alive) the empanada was filled with meat when in fact it was cheese. She would handle the complaints later, at the moment, she just needed to sell.

That's the kind of spirit that makes successful business people. Of course, you always expect honesty and good products to go along with it.

Yes I agree with your Carry on your activities..

Very excited post..
That's lady fact. ..mind blowing story

What a great and beautiful lady.

Great I so very excited for wonderful post thanks for sharing post....

My post is philosophical thinking just very good to read your story.. keep it up..

Mind blowing looking gorgeous your definition or information of lady...just good one..