Playing the money game?

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There‘s only one way to be rich… you have to play the game of money and put value on what you do!

It’ so easy to say that you want to be rich!

  • But what are you doing to get rich? 
  • What value do you put on your skills or talent?  
  • What price will you put on your product, whatever it is? 

That requires you have to decide how much money you want to make/earn per year.  

  1. Take the figure you want to earn in a year and divide that by 52 weeks in a year. 
  2. Then decide how many days in the week you want to work on your creative project? Remember you also need time for your family and home. 
  3. If it’s five day eek, divide your last answer by five. That is what you could possibly earn per day. 

That’s in theory! But can you achieve that?

  • Is it possible to earn that much per day, with what you do? 
  • Deduct costs involved to make your product, to get a realistic idea of what you are up against. 
  • Would you have to create more items to make that much money per day or week? 
  • How will you cope personally with the production demand on your own, on ongoing bases?  
  • Will it stress you out to work those long hours? Will you need staff to help you achieve your target? 

Things may look grim up to this point, but don’t get dis-heartened and give up just yet

  • Keep notes of your answers of your answers as you play the game.

Let’s continue to play the GAME:

Throw your dice. What did you get? 2 possibilities or 5 possibilities of achieving your goals?! 

  • How are you going to achieve your goals?  
  • Will you have to change `gear’ to get what you want? Do something else in the meantime, that will create the capital you need. 
  • You may have to do it in stages. First with what little you have. Make something with that and then sell it and plough that money into your next project. And from that project (could be more than 2-4 projects before you can) use the capital to finance your ultimate goal. 
  • Will it mean a longer term than you thought, to achieve your dream of success? Are you willing to spend all that time and effort to achieve what you want? 
  • What other options do you have? Will you have to change your plan to plan B or C? Would you have to discover better or different materials or theory, to create what you have in mind? 

Making money is like playing snakes and ladders!

You have `UP ladder’ days and months, and you have `DOWN snake’ times. That’s when you need to believe in yourself, when the `dice’ is thrown again. 

  • You have to have a BIG money heart. Have high expectations like winners have.  
  • Desire, wisdom, hope, effort and patience play their part.  
  • Rich people believe there’s lots of money out there. All it requires is some bright idea and inspiration to collect it. 
  • Pace and brace yourself. Don’t be scared of those `big mouth snakes’ out there. They add thrills to the money game. ·
  •  Look at the ups and downs as an adventure. Each activity is part of the trip you are taking through life.  
  • `Ring the bell’ every time you make a successful hit on the right `square’. Acknowledge your success to yourself, to build your confidence. And give thanks to God for supporting you along the way. 

Do you need partners to play the game?

Choose them wisely. Are they cleaver at what they do? If they like what they do, they will continue to play the game in your favour!  

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I think you are being too linear.

Lots of ways to make money require a long-term investment that will pay off more later.

For example improving your skill, let's say you want to be a programmer. Doing online courses, studying, participated in projects on github. Will pay you 0 now but will return dividends later

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Yes there are lots of ways of making money, that's why I have written quite a few blogs on the topic, seeing things from different angles. Some people have some capital and others have skills they can use. But I have tried to consider those with very little to start with and there is still hope for them if they will do something. Because nothing happens, if you don't do something.

Sure this is what it's all about


Is that a question or a statement?




I think it's more than that. It takes guts!
But at least it's a starting point to work from.


It's sure is

If you want to be rich than only way is your mind smartness with hard work. Yes big heart is key factor.


Working through those questions on this blogs helps folks to start thinking smart, won't you say?
A big heart that has strong desires and enthusiasm to begin with, may help help to take the first steps to success.

i'm out of this game for long time...


So what you are you doing here on Steemit? Earning up-votes. And that's playing the money game some some degree, isn't it?

Wow! The most beneficial and helpful advice of my life till now is here in this blog as I eagerly wanted to get this type of information and motivation for my upcoming life. Yes I saying that idea is enough to make someone rich but the execution is also equally important, and I think I got very much to know from this blog of yours dear @artguru. So I'm very grateful!


So glad to be of help.
There are so many ways we can change our lives for the better. With each of us coming from different circumstances, we can take an idea from this and a bit from that, and work from there.

My money isn't really working recently,i feel really bummed out cuz all my stocks are keep going down:(( and plus steem is the worst ever.


Yes it has been very worrying, hasn't it! But if we don't do anything, and do it well, Steemit can't grow into what it should be.

Totally i agree with you @artguru But i have seen many people in my life who work hard but they can not get it. there is also a lot of luck in this game. thats my line.


Part and time of working at your ambitions, is what makes you feel excited. And that excitement is what gives your life so much joy. And life should be enjoyed.
If you don't do anything, luck can't find you!

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An excellent publication topic

at Steemit , we created and won votes we will always find the price of the currency in decline and this is sad for all users of the site And may affect the creativity of many of them


Those just been on the Steemit platform for money, miss out on so much more. Here you are in the public eye. And people are getting to know you and what you stand for. You could call it advertising whatever your `product' is.