Maddening & frustrating times!

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I’m sure we all been having things go crazy lately, beyond our control. So I hope you’ll understand why I haven’t been able to reply to comments, up-vote, etc.

For months now:

I’ve had problems with my Internet Service Provider. Even WordPress’s forum said my ISP should fix the problems I was having, but they won’t! 

I had been as polite as possible, when phoning into my ISP and while following their support email procedures, but sadly I had got nowhere. I was very close to SCREEMING I can tell you! But I held it back patiently, with lots of prayers. 

  • Remember I posted a blog a couple of weeks back on Steemit, about winning in the end, `if you do your research, etc.’ Well I thought, gosh how can I write something like that and not come right myself! There has to be a happy ending!!  

And there has been, and this is how it all happened--- 

The last resort:

I had a brilliant idea. And this is what I’ll do. 

I’ll have to be sneaky and turn the tables on my own ISP… So, first I contacted another ISP and asked them if they supported web hosting and could they take over my account. Yes, they said. Well, if I didn’t get help from my own ISP, at least  the new ISP would! 

Then I ask my own ISP the same questions… and perhaps could trip them up into helping me after all. 

As a last chance, you understand:

I would give my ISP a last chance. I contacted their sales department (instead of their web hosting department) and asked if they helped with hosting problems (like I was a new client). They said they did.  

Just as I was going to say, they didn’t… The lady said, wasn’t I so and so (most probably on their system, my phone number showed up my system ID number). 

I said, Yes… I’m that person. So she said, then you should know we do web hosting and have been helping you.  

“Oh no…!” I said, “They refused to help!” And then she said, I should ask for the head of the web hosting department. I said I had before lots of times, but they wouldn’t put me through. 

She said she would put me through to them, and I must try again. Well, they tried to fog me off again.  

But this time I said that the sales department said they should. Reluctantly, they put me through to their head of their web hosting department.  

And to cut a long story short: 

Now everything is running okay with my web site: Except, I’m re-designing my site and there is only the home page now… And I can only put up more pages or continue writing stories… if… 

More troubles:

And this is where you come in. And why you haven’t heard from me lately. 

  • My laptop keyboard keys `W, S & X’ aren’t working. I know my `A & N’ key letters were worn off their keys long time ago, but I never knew how much one used the `WSX’ keys, until you have to turn out blogs regularly, or make comments! 

I had tried what they say on the internet:  

  • Hold down the Ctrl key awhile and then press the Shift key, a few times,  and your keys will work again. 

Well that worked to some degree for a while, even holding down the keys for 1-4 minutes at a time to create blogs and reply to comments. You can see it took hours to prepare blogs! But in the end that became impossible too. 

What could I do next?

I had to visit my local computer shop get a new keyboard. The chap said, “Okay bring in your laptop the next day.” I did and he gave me the paperwork. I put it in my bag without looking at it… 

You guessed right… 

He phoned me the next afternoon, to tell me he had my new battery and I must come and collect my laptop! I said and what happened to my keyboard?! No, he didn’t order a keyboard from his head office!  

So I lost another day, while he had to order my keyboard and return the new battery. So that’s how you didn’t get my Kruger Park travel blog on time. 

And when he got the keyboard in… he didn’t phone me that it was fixed and ready… and no apology manners either. 

Gosh, and talk about frustrations and dramas. 

Besides that, I’ve had other things to do, including painting more pictures for you to see.  

It's a crazy world we live in `Master Jack!' But hope things will go well after this. I don’t need any more things to stress over. 

  • You can only take so much hey, before you SCREEM! But to support my old blog `on winning at all costs’… I’ve won at last, hey! God allows you to learn things while going through trials.

So that’s what happened and why I couldn’t keep my blogs going or reply to all your comments! 

Hope you will forgive me and still stick around some more. I will do my best to continue entertaining you, one way or the other. 

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I just love your posts


And it's good to have you come around again, even though I couldn't reply to comments. Thank you for your support.

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great post dear @artguru


I have a Wi-Fi network & password, etc. But that doesn't help, if your website ftp back-end connect isn't working and you can't get in to correct the plugins that are crashing the site.
Everything is working okay now. But thanks so much for trying to put forwards a solution. Really appreciate you helpful kindness.

"God allows you to learn things while going through trials."Exactly! I think we learn by trial and error.


Trials can be so frustrating at the time, you don't appreciate the fuss it makes, hey!
But looking back, you realize there was something you had to learn.

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