Is it good to be Geeky?

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Being different from others has its advantages, if you benefit from promoting and being geeky!


Being different & unique:

Geeks may seem eccentric and peculiar to the average person, but... 

  • They’re the people who have the nerve to go places, do exciting stuff that gets noticed on the internet.
  • And if you do different stuff, people come back to see what else you’re up to.
  • Because geeks do exciting things, other people like been with them.  
  • And if you write unique stuff, it becomes your household hallmark to your success. 
  • And let’s face it you have to be somewhat crazy to think up all that fantastic interesting stuff. 

And been a Geek isn’t a cheek!

  1. Geeks tend to be intelligent people, expert in their field and interested in complex theories. 
  2. The reason geeks can think up interesting stuff, is because they can look at things from a different perspective.  
  3. Some people call them nerds, because they are obsessed with what they do.  
  4. And because they are enthusiastic about what they do, they tend to achieve a lot more than other people. 
  5. Because they believe in themselves and what they do, they are not scared to stand out from the crowd and say what is important. 

Anyhow, the fact is:

We now live in an age or period of time, when being an individual is the thing to be. So Geeks are now in the limelight, having fun doing their thing. 

  • If you have noticed, people aren’t following other people’s fashion trends so much anymore. They are likely to dress according to their own taste. 
  • People have had enough of dictatorship decree rules forced upon them. They don’t want to be sheep following the wolf (dictator) any longer. 

When things get tough, the tough get geeky.

Do what you have to do. Believe in yourself and what you do. You don’t have to a copy-print of other people.  

  • Don’t be scared to use and benefit from your skills and talent. Respect and acceptance comes from presenting quality service. 
  • Go out of your way to be interesting. Being different makes you more fascinating. But don’t talk unless it’s something worthwhile listening to. 
  • As to clothes, dress creatively. But not in a ridiculous way-out way. Your clothes need to suit your personality and talent to promote your image and career. 

Enjoy who you are:

You will see your life will be brighter for it. So what if you’re different and your skills are unique. Their very uniqueness is your ticket to success.  

As to fame and fortune: People are attracted and fascinated by things that are different and dynamic. 

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Yes this is the best

The best thing we can do for ourselves, is to be ourselves. Enjoy the skills and talents we have.

A person who does not move or move a finger? Is the same today and the same yesterday, the same as a year and two years ago and will be the same even after 10 years, a person with the same thinking with the same logic does not learn does not change has a foolish philosophy of life followed by

Stalemate: in the same groove all their lives. What a boring life, wouldn't you say?

@artguru you are great artist.
To Being different and distinct from others is not easy, because it requires skills beyond ordinary people. All the successful people who have made important achievements in their lives were different from others. They are people who decided not to follow the flock and they are the ones who lead it. To be different is that you do not live as most People, but live different lives have goals and perceptions may be considered by some strange, different from others does not know the meaning of failure and despair, but believes in the principle of resistance to achieve success, so be distinct from others with your experience and give and your view of things if this view is sound and excellent will inevitably be different and different A and vice versa.

I like what you said: "They are people who decided not to follow the flock and they are the ones who lead it."
Because of their gumption and belief in what they do, they naturally lead the flock of sheep.
Because you believe in yourself, others tend believe you too.

Best regards to you @artguru my opinion The time passes and we can not stop until we gather ourselves. One day we will find ourselves at the age of 30 or 40. We are lost. We do not know the reason or the path we took, and then we will find ourselves preoccupied with problems, difficulties and difficulties. We must hold ourselves accountable for everything we do every day and every night. Are we in the right direction and are we near to achieving success.

That is investing in your future!

In order to be distinctive, you should not ask others about you in everything, you should distinguish them from each and every event, even with a fingerprint. Put your own distinctive mark on others to attract them to you automatically.

Take distinctive action, that has your style imprinted on it, and things happen automatically.

Everyone must follow his dreams It is not so in your opinion, you are different and your difference makes you special Do what makes you happy and tired Do not grieve Rest and complete and complete your way Time will not return and will not stand

It seems I got time twisted around today...This post was meant for Friday. Gosh I'm losing it.
Yes, each of us is special in our own right. And we should be glad of it. I realized that when I was about 43 and accepted my straight-thatch hair!

@artguru i love to read what you post thank you so much

Sorry, by mistake, I somehow missed posting my usual Kruger National Park travel blog today! Will post it next Wednesday.
The post I posted here today was supposed to be posted on Friday. But Friday I will be away. So maybe that was on my mind!

We should Change your attitudes and thoughts, so life is a very deep philosophy that is difficult to understand but I would like to see it in a simple way. Be happy, make mistakes and learn, be spontaneous, practice what you love, bigger in the eye of yourself and indifferent to people.

Simply live it. Do your thing with joy in your heart.

The difference that rests on science, knowledge, experience, boldness and conviction is the path of all successful, successful and creative people. It is the dream of all aspiring, dreamers and seekers.

Yes, it's the seekers, dreamers and doers, that go places, in spite of their handicaps or opposition they have to face.

Life is a very short journey, but we can make it immortal when we exercise our right to disagree

When we get old, we start to realize how short life really is. But that's rather late to wake up and smell the roses... we sadly missed so much in our lives.
Oh well, whatever years we have left, we better enjoy it to the full, hey!

Thanks for share @artguru i think Difference is a path that many do not follow. It is fraught with dangers, fears and suspicions. The nature of human beings tends to adhere to the thought, style and behavior of society, which is expressed in collective thought or more clearly in the herd culture

Yes that has been the easy path most people take. Like carbon copies hiding in a crowd!

Be different and distinguished from others by your determination and your passion.. Great topic @artguru

Well said. I agree with that.
He he, when I tell my husband he looks distinguished, he says, "Yes, extinguished!"

I agree with you and I appreciate your post.. thanks for sharing your valuable post..

Superb post to create and I appreciate your post ..artguru

Your post so very attractive for us..
To continue your post..

Wow nice philosophical contribution just like your post..and I will wait for next post ..and I will support your every post..

This is philosophical post and this is my favorite writing to provide in this platform.. keep it up and carry on your activities

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Hey artguru how are you?.
And really I gain knowledge from your post.
Actually your every post just like valuable inspiration and I like it.

You art the best to create for this post.. really to gain knowledge our life from this post.. thanks for sharing..