How is your self-image?

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What we think of ourselves is very important. Why? Because we develop and act-upon, according to that conviction!

What is your self-concept of yourself?

Let’s be honest with ourselves. We are very critical of our self-worth. Most of us secretly think we are inferior, in some way or other, to other people or what is expected of us. 

We actually limit ourselves by those negative concepts. We hold our own selves back from achieving our true potential, when we belittle ourselves. 

We will never rise above that concept of ourselves, if we don’t break the mold that binds us, and have cultivated and hung onto so judiciously for so long. 

Your self-esteem is precious:

Guard it from persecution from other people and from yourself. 

Even though one’s self-concept seems binding, let me tell you, it’s actually very fickle. You can break that mold very easily. 

It’s like `changing the price tag!’

Prices go up when the goods are considered better quality. 

  • So change your thinking. Consider what things you are actually good at. Immediately you will go up in your valuation of yourself. 
  • We all have grey areas, things we are not so good at. The differences between us as people, is what makes life so interesting and fascinating. 

Look at it this way:

I’ve seen fat people laugh and show off their luscious curves, like they’re glad to be who they are. While, thin people look miserable! So it’s your attitude to life. 

  1. People may put you down at every turn, but it’s your responsibility to yourself, to believe in yourself. Build your own self-worth `castle’ or fortress, and act like a King or Queen in your own right. 
  2. I bet you, those mean people tend-to-one feel inadequate in some way… themselves. So they try to bring down other people to order to make themselves feel good. But what really happens is that people avoid mean and negative people. 
  3. So don’t hang onto what they say. Their meanness is their problem. Don’t make it yours. Why because, if you hang onto what they say, you are allowing them to belittle you.  
  4. Smile to yourself, “That’s their silly little egotistical behaviour!” Have you noticed, they personally haven't become successful themselves.  So, you have BIGGER, more important things to do, than listen to all that crap!” 

How to make ourselves feel important:

  1. Wear clothes that make you feel good. Let what you wear, be your hallmark brand of who you really are. 
  2. Take what little talent or skills you may have and do something with it. Time spent doing what you like will make you feel good. 
  3. Play happy music. Sing or whistle. Walk with a spring in your steps. Consider the world is yours to enjoy. Feel the sun on your face and the wind blowing through your hair. 
  4. Talk with enthusiasm in your voice. Smile, laugh and talk happiness with everyone you meet with. Bubbly people live longer and are happier. 
  5. People, who look beyond themselves, love to see other people happy. Good things usually happen to positive happy out-going people. They see the beauty of the sunset, and smile at children playing… all those things mean-self-centred people miss. 

Yes, you got it!

Just the simple things as smiling with a song in the heart, does the trick! 

You just have to keep reminding yourself of that. You are special in your own way. And then do your own thing… whatever that is, it’s important to you. And you count! 

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You are so Inspiring me


Have you ever thought each of us has a special gift that the rest of the world badly needs? And here we hide ourselves because we are afraid to step foreword and do our thing!


We must to be over this and take step foreword

You have some good points here , didn't thought about it like this before


We are always trying to make things difficult and complicated for ourselves, by thinking the worst that MAY happen. When in reality it's the simple things in life that work best.

life is short .so we should enjoy this life. thanks for sharing this post.


Yes, why allow other people to `rain on your parade'!

A wonderful topic and wonderful writing at the top shows the skill and integration of writing
great post @artguru


It's so easy to write all about that stuff, because I had experienced it for myself. I too had to ignore all those unkind thoughtless mean people. And that is what I thought of them. And shame they don't any better!

I definately relate to what you're saying.Nothing's more important than me in the world."No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."by Roosevelt


If you don't look after yourself, you are in no fit state to look after other people. In the scriptures (Proverbs) it says that you can't help others if your own cistern (reservoir) is empty.

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