What are the Benefits of Interpreting your Dreams?

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Many of us are waking up to the fact that we are not a body with a soul. We are a soul and we HAVE a body. We come to earth with a joy and curiosity for life and, unfortunately for most, we lose this exuberance once we’ve entered adulthood. The purpose of analyzing dreams is to put us back in touch with our original essence of joy.


How do dreams do this?

Dreams show us the negative beliefs and patterns we currently have and how they are holding us back. Dreams show us where or from whom we first picked up these negative patterns and how to heal them. Dreams show us what spiritual gifts we came with and how we are meant to use them. Dreams have the answers to our deepest career and relationship questions.

I’ve seen some agnostic dreamers be reminded in the most beautiful ways that they are a part of something large and beautiful. I’ve seen judgemental/perfectionist dreamers be reminded that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to live life, other than to be true to the inner workings of one's own heart.

Dreams shine a spotlight on what the dreamer most needs to become aware of because increasing self-awareness is our biggest assignment at earth academy.

Ever dream of being back in school? This is a symbolic of something the dream is trying to help you learn about yourself.

The reason that dreams do not make sense to us when we wake up is because we try to understand them with our logical, left brain hemisphere. Dreams are the language of the soul. The soul is creative and doesn’t speak English, Korean or Italian when it is out of the body, it speaks the language of symbols and feelings. We can’t analyze a dream chronologically or literally with our left brain, we have to look for the metaphors and puns and look at it all at the same time, with our right brain.

And I haven’t even mentioned health dreams! In order to live our life to the fullest we have to have good health. Dreams will comment on the foods that you should avoid/eliminate when your body can’t process it. Dreams will warn you years in advance of health issues such as cancer, stroke and heart attack. Since everything is energy, dreams spend a lot of time showing us how the energy of our thoughts and repressed, unprocessed emotions are contributing to these future health problems. I personally have seen a great improvement in what my dreams were warning me about reproductive and colon cancers because I’ve been able to work on the issues early enough.

My teacher, Michael Sheridan, says it best: “The key to a healthy, happy and successful life is handed to you many times each night. The choice is yours to turn the key and open the door onto a bright new world full of the magic that children see.”

Really, is there any better incentive for dream interpretation than that?

The method that I use and that Michael Sheridan teaches is the real deal. You'll know this if you ever have a dream analyzed with it, the way it resonates is powerful. It has even be used to get the same meaning of dreams as Joseph did in the Bible. Google Dream Interpretation isn't able to do that.

Soon, I will be posting dreams with their interpretations as a series on steemit. I will also be inviting others to leave their dreams in the comments to be analyzed in a separate post if they are so inclined. I'm hoping that by doing this I can help raise the awareness of others so that they too can lead their happiest, healthiest life.


Sometimes we dream of falling from somewhere, like from building or mountain and when we are about to touch ground it always brokes and we feel the strong flow of energy in our body, this is proves that their is an strong spiritual connection between dreams and our soul, because in dream we were falling and our soul feeled the act of this episode means, from this i want to conclude that dream is an director and soul is an acter. Thanks fof sharing.

Have a great day and stay blessed.

I have learned that we leave our body once it is asleep and astral project. This is because our soul doesn't sleep, only our bodies require this. It would be terribly dull to hang out with a sleeping body so we go to the astral plane. Most of us are not in a state of awareness while we are there, but people who lucid dream are aware while they are in the lucid state.

The rushing, falling feeling that you described so well is our soul/awareness re-entering the body.

Thank you. ☺

My pleasure!

Sounds very interesting. I will follow you and see what you have to say. I'm a big believer in the subconscious controlling most aspects of a person's life, both good and bad. Most people end up limiting themselves by what they think they are subconsciously "worth". From what you're saying here, I take it that you are suggesting that our dreams can basically tell us where we have set limitations on ourselves, both consciously and subconsciously, and we should be able to learn from them to the extent we can go about "fixing" these deficiencies in our waking lives. I'm not 100% sure that's what you're suggesting but, as I said, I'll follow you and find out. :-) Looking forward to it. Thank you!

@dagger212 That is exactly what I'm saying. You nailed it. :) Many people pick up condition as early as the womb or the first moments after birth - if we aren't able to bond with our mother (ie she wasn't well enough or didn't want to hold baby) or if we felt our father disapproved of us in any way (wanted a boy, got a girl etc). It's so difficult to understand where depression and anxiety come from but dreams will show us and from there we can eliminating it from our lives by healing our damaged self-worth.

Dreams are so fascinating. For me, I was never really as interested in them early on because I simply didn't remember my dreams once. Then one day I had a dream about walking into room filled with love. I walked up to a girl and hugged her, feeling her great warmth. The dream felt very important and VERY real. I had never experienced anything like it before.

Fast forward a few months and I ran into that girl. We started talking and ended up chatting for 2 hours on our first meeting. Then we became great friends and I fell for her. She ended up teaching me so much about my life. Lots of hard lessons but I know she was so vital for my own path.

Great article here @aprilangel. Thank you for sharing!

I'd love to hear your thoughts about my recent post about developing a powerful mindset: Transform Your Life Now: How To Initiate The Meta-Verse

That dream sounds so beautiful @axios. A healing dream for the heart, for certain, but how-interesting that you met the same girl in real life! Sometimes the people who teach us those hard lessons are the ones who love us the most on the soul level. They are taking an active role in our growth by playing whatever protagonist we need. I have a LOT of planets in the 7th house of relationships so I've definitely had a wide variety of difficult relationships. Ultimately they have really only been pushing me to stand in my own truth and to honor my own heart.

I would love to check out your post. Heading that way....

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