Walking Selena Gomez Downhill [Dream Interpretation]

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Welcome to the first of a long series of posts I will be writing on dream interpretation. My intention is to show in plain detail how I interpret dreams so that the dreamer gets the most helpful guidance. If you like what you read, feel free to share a dream in the comment section. I will make a special post for you with your dream interpreted.

Dream: Walking Selena Gomez Downhill

I remember seeing Selena Gomez in high heels on a street. She was getting ready to walk down a hill but looked like she didn't have good balance due to her shoes and the steepness of the hill. I walked over and took her arm and walked her down the hill myself. It felt very loving and I was happy to do it.

When we got to the bottom of the hill there was a little street cafe and she took a table to wait for a male she was meeting. I turned to wave goodbye and said "I love you". I think she repeated it. A part of me was pretty sad/disappointed to walk away.


Full disclosure: this dream is mine and that can often make them more challenging to analyze because of wavering objectivity. However….

  • I immediately know from the title of this dream that it is commenting on the spiritual gift of channeling (Selena Gomez) and connecting it to the state of my heart (walking downhill). Musicians represent a channeling gift because music is a part of the spirit world.

  • Many times when a dream has you move from a high location to a lower one they are symbolically asking you to move your consciousness from your head to your heart.

  • At the point when I had the dream I’d been working on healing and opening my heart and had just finished a weeks-long visualization therapy to work on issues stemming from a poor bond with my mother in childhood. The fact that I was lovingly helping Selena was a good symbol in this regard.

But, dreams usually offer healing and guidance on the things that are challenging us so now I will begin to look for that.

  • Since everything in the dream is representing an aspect of the dreamer (first rule of dream analysis) I can read that this dream is saying that I “don’t have good balance” and I feel “sad/disappointed”. Reflecting upon reality I recognize this feeling as being the one I felt when I had to sell all of my steem to pay off a roof loan before I got hit with any compound interest. Steem went from 1.35 to 1.97 a day later and I was gutted that I hadn’t waited.

  • In the dream Selena was waiting for a man at a cafe table and because of this I walked away when I hadn’t really wanted to. It helps at this point to step into the right brain to piece this important bit of information together.


-In reality, I’m everything in this dream so I could have stayed as long as I liked but something made me feel like I couldn’t ask to sit and wait with her.

  • Men represent confidence and belief in self and I can see that the sadness and disappointment I felt in the dream was due to having not been confident enough to wait with her. Meaning, I didn't trust my channeling gift which was telling me to wait longer to sell.

This disappointment in myself and lack of trust in my channeling gift had created an undesirable imbalance for walking my higher path (high heel shoe). Since Selena was the one with poor balance it was showing that the negative feelings I was having about finances were negatively affecting my channeling connection, because I didn't feel like it was strong, solid or sure (wobbly in shoes).

  • Since I'd tried channeling on when the best time to sell my steem was, this was probably also showing that the trust I felt toward myself (or didn't) was affected negatively .

  • In reality, I knew full well that I should wait until at least Thursday (but the weekend really because I heard a Weekend song enter my head with the lyrics "you don't have to worry about it") but I had grown unsure and impatient due to a looming deadline and a roller coaster market.

If I could repeat the dream for a do-over I would still lovingly help Selena down the hill, but this time I would have invited myself to sit with her. Sitting with a female would have been healing for my heart because females represent compassion and emotional expression. As is typical of dream fashion, she would have been happy for me join her and we would have probably had tea or some other symbol that represents the heart/sharing.

  • This dream was telling me to be more compassionate with myself and see that lack of trust in my gift was the issue, not the gift itself. This is comforting because I want to be able to trust this gift and use it to my benefit on a regular basis.

I use the Michael Sheridan Method of dream interpretation and I hope you enjoyed this process. 😊

Feel free to ask questions or share dreams in the comments below!


Super interesting. I'm hooked. I don't have any dreams to share (I rarely remember them) but I love your presentation. Very comforting in its own way.

As for your analysis I will only say this: everyone who has ever invested in something they have no control over has felt what you did when the price immediately went up after you sold it. But, you have to ask yourself in the moment, does missing the potential gains hurt more or less than if you had waited and it had gone down to under a dollar? The fact is you needed the money and you had a deadline. Two things that tend to cause investing to go very badly.

Truthfully, instead of being sad about "missing out" on potential gains, be thankful that what you had was enough to pay for your roof. The peace of mind you already feel at not having that bill hanging over your head (no pun intended :-) ) is worth far more in the long run. It's only money. You can make more....and you're off to a good start with this post. Looking forward to your next one....

Thanks @dagger212 for the comforting pep talk. I tried to look at it another way as: what if steemit had never been created and someone just paid off that loan for me? I would have been nothing but grateful and amazed. The reality is, the loan was paid and I lost a little infinite-potential with the steem power but I can get it back. Also, what is up with focusing on the empty half of the glass? I've recently been examining how I treat my own accomplishments which is to say I don't treat them like they are very special. There is a lot to be said for celebration and ceremony and I am going to make it a practice to be better at celebrating the big and little stuff. I'll be throwing my inner child a party and inviting my friends on December 29th since I've done so much work healing a lot of my childhood conditioning. This will be the first of hopefully a lifetime of celebrations that I honor myself with. :)

Yes, life is truly about on what you focus. I listened to Tony Robbins years ago and he had this stupid exercise on one of his cassettes (yes, I must be old) that had you looking at the ceiling and smiling for 30 seconds every time you needed a state change. He said that the physical act of smiling, regardless of how you were feeling, could actually physiologically induce a state change. Crazy, but it actually works. It might just be because you feel like an idiot doing it but.... :-) it does actually make you feel better and helps renew your focus onto something positive.

Here's to you having many little celebrations going forward. I'm happy to come along for the ride. Looking forward to your next foray into the world of dreams.

Oh, and by the way, when you have millions of dollars in Steem you won't care if it's $23M or $19M. It will be enough.... :-)

Wouldn't THAT be nice!!! :) Thanks!

You have done a great job, nicely interpreted your dream in aspect of reality, in this post you mentioned that while leaving selena you felt sad, in this dream your soul felt sadness towards the losing aspect means whatever you do, you do with passion and you own that thing, but when its for separation its making you sad. I think your dream trying to advice you that, you are lacking in self confidence, means other forces means your thoughts or real world situations overtaking you, so be confident towards you, enjoy the life, take decisions which will provide you with happiness as you mentioned in the post that i wanted to seat with selena to enjoy the tea. Thanks for sharing your dream, i am also exploring new ways of dream analysis, this is really exciting and interesting.

Have a great day and stay blessed.

Thanks for your comment @chireerocks, I'm always happy to connect with fellow dream-enthusiasts! If you are into exploring dreams and new ways to analyze them I can't recommend this book enough for your collection. I'd become disenchanted with dream interpretation until I found this because there were just so many dictionaries out there that didn't really resonate profoundly with me. This author changed that.


Thanks for the reference. ☺

That is a pretty impressive interpretation. I thought I had a good one, but yours took it up quite a few levels.

I'm going to enjoy this exercise, as it will help with my own attempts at interpretation.

That's awesome that you interpret dreams too! I can't recommend this book enough for anyone interested in doing it themselves (it's on Amazon). If you ever feel curious about how I would interpret a dream that you are working on, feel free to comment with it. I'll be posting regularly. :)


I'll buy a copy today.

You won't be sorry! 😇🙌

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