APPICS ICO IS NOW LIVE 💥 | Jumping In The Pool & Sharing It On The APPICS App! (VIDEO) 💦📱

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한국어 번역은 이 글 하단에서 열람하실 수 있습니다.


Finally, the day has come!
We've been preparing for this day for so long and now the tokensale is finally LIVE.


To celebrate hitting $1 Mio in Round A, our US ambassador Olumide @theglobopreneur decided to celebrate by jumping in the pool!

Watch how he jumped into the pool - and how we shared this moment in the APPICS app!

How to participate in the ICO

  • Visit, create an account and verify your email address.
  • In your account dashboard, click on the "Invest" Tab and choose which currency you want to pay with
  • Send the displayed amount of tokens to the generated address
  • Submit your ERC20 compatible wallet on which you'd like to receive the tokens!

Please note: Even if your KYC is still "under review", you can already invest! We will complete the KYC process while the ICO is ongoing.

Join Round A (which rounds April 4) and secure yourself an exclusive 15% discount!

Team APPICS preparing for the Tokensale

Today, the APPICS Team woke up early to start preparing for the ICO.
And the first thing we did in the morning was to shoot a little clip!

Watch our ICO START video below:

Since our ICO started this morning at 11am PDT, we've been non-stop on our laptops for customer support in the appics telegram group, managing the development and tokensale, and promoting the ico online.

Team APPICS is READY for the Tokensale!

Around lunch time our US Ambassador Olumide @theglobopreneur drove up to visit us.

While working away on our laptops, we decided to film yet another video:

To celebrate the special day, Olumide decided to jump into the pool!

And we shared it on the APPICS App as you can see in the DTube video at the top of this post!

We had a long but very successful first ICO day. But we're just getting started!

Become an early investor, secure yourself 15% discount and also get a chance to become one of the first app testers!

Also, for any steemit users writing posts about APPICS:

Make sure to sign up to our bounty program to get rewarded with XAP for that, and also share the links in our telegram group so that our team can read and upvote them!

Let's continue with a successful ICO! 💪

Watch the progress of the ICO on our updated website:

애픽스의 ICO가 오늘 시작되었습니다.

마침내 그날이 왔습니다!

저희는 오랫동안 오늘을 준비해왔고, 이제 토큰 세일이 시작되었습니다.

WWW.APPICS.COM에 방문해서 ICO에 참여하세요!

ICO 참여 방법

  • ico.appics.com에 접속해서, 이메일 주소를 입력하여 계정을 생성합니다.

  • 여러분 계정의 대쉬보드에서 "INVEST"탭을 클릭하고 참여를 원하는 암호화화폐를 선택합니다.

  • 생성된 주소로 표시된느 만큼의 양의 토큰을 전송하세요.

  • 여러분이 받으실 ERS20 호환 지갑 주소를 등록합니다.

주의사항: 여러분의 KYC 가 여전히 "UNDER REVIEW"상태이더라고 이미 여러분은 투자에 참여되셨습니다.ICO 진행동안 KYC 절차는 모두 정상적으로 완료될 예정입니다.

라운드 A(4월 4일까지)에 참여하면 15%의 할인을 받을 수 있습니다.

라운드 A에서의 백만달러 달성을 기념하기 위해 우리의 US 앰베서더인 Olumide @theglobopreneur가 풀에 뛰어들며 이를 자축하기로 결심했습니다! *

풀에 점핑하는 그를 확인하세요. 그리고 우리가 이 순간을 애픽스 앱으로 어떻게 공유하는지도!

길지만, 아주 성공적인 ICO 의 첫번째 날을 맞았습니다. 하지만 우리는 이제 시작일 뿐입니다!

초기 투자자가 되어 15%의 디스카운트 혜택을 받으시고, 첫번째 앱 테스터가 되는 행운을 잡으세요!

그리고 애픽스에 대한 글을 쓰는 스티밋 유저들은 바운티 프로그램에 참여할 수 있습니다.

우리의 바운티 프로그램 에 등록하고 XAP 으로 리워드를 받으세요. 그리고 우리의 텔레그램 그룹에도 공유해주면 우리팀이 읽고 추천도 드립니다!

우리의 ICO 진행상황과 업데이트 소식은 웹사이트를 통해 확인 가능합니다.

▶️ DTube

@appics if appics is in market for compite the steem coin i wont support it, if appic is produced under steem i will appreciate it .

Appics it will be a smt on the steem blockchain!

No it won't this is from the @appics account "There will be no connection between Steem and Appics accounts, because Appics data is on the SMT blockchain. Not the Steem blockchain."

That is true that APPICS is built on the SMT System which runs on the Steem Blockchain. In order to have enough Bandwidth power to operate the APPICS app on the Steem Blockchain they need to hold Steempower. Only if the APPICS SMT Account holds enough Steempower only than the app will run smoothly. That means as more Users will join APPICS and it becomes more successful the more Steempower they need to run the app smoothly therefore the whole Steem Ecosystem profits from it - a perfect win/win situation!!!

How does this happen if the SMT still do not come out ??? in the post they talk about ERC20 so I think they took it out on the ETH blockchain

Only the ICO Event is running on Ethereum so lets say only the distribution part of the tokens. The final App will run on the Steem Blockchain and all ERC-20 Tokens will be converted to SMT system as soon that thing is ready to launch!!!

Yes, I've already read a comment from @appics, thank you very much for your clarification, I'm glad to hear that

Hi @appics Team,
can you clarify what happens with unsold tokens (if any)?

Thanks for clearing this up! Guess you can coun't me IN :)

When do you expect the ICO sale to end? Also, what is the minimum contribution required to participate in the presale?

I'm pretty happy to see Appics ico now live and started up today. It's succeed first day.That will great and time to celebration. Nice you decided to share steem blockchain.

Could you guys please update your Steemit profile on a regular basis. I know you guys are very active on other social media but Steemit is my home and I prefer to interact with you guys on this platform. Regards,

This is from the @appics account:

"There will be no connection between Steem and Appics accounts, because Appics data is on the SMT blockchain. Not the Steem blockchain."

I am very excited about Appics and think to participate in the next round. Keep up your good work and marketing!

Thank you for all the hard work you have been putting into the success of the ICO. Great work :)

nice :)

Thank you for post... follow you blog and vote.

I've heard Appics.ico will launch before later days from @mrs.steemit. Yesterday I've seen and heard Steemian's post and through internet 28th March token sale will start. Yep...Absolutely brilliant celebration starting. My heartiest congratulations to you all. Appics has qualified team members and I see how they're enjoying there.
Well explain how to join Appics.ico and unbelievable celebrate jumping of US ambassador Olumide @theglobopreneur. All are stunning and big succeed in first day.

Join Round A (which rounds April 4) and secure yourself an exclusive 15% discount!

That would be greatest offer to anyone who want to participate with Appics. I'll hope to join with you within next couple of weeks. Wish you all the best.

Feedback like this always give me extra reassurance when I want to invest in an ICO. Glad I found you guys. Wish I found you earlier :(

In case you missed the last video
"APPICS dancing through Tokenfest"

@mrs.steemit, That's fantastic stylish start up ofAPPICS dancing through Tokenfest. Thank you for giving very unique fashionable event. I wish you all the best for success Appics ICO tokenfest.

Thank you for the feedback 🙌 much appreciated

O wow, I just checked Appics ICO and it is going like crazy. Just want to ask one thing because I am planning to take part in the ICO.

What benefit would I have If I have the tokens bought from the ICO. I am would it be same like I would have kind of some influence due to number of my coins so whoever I vote/like the way we do on steemit gets the reward according to that?

Thanks for the info you given.
Thats great

Great! I'm looking forward to invest some steem in it :-)

Now there are 4 rounds in 4 weeks to get some XAP coins, but don't wait to long.

Go Appics! I can't wait for the app to launch

APPICS will be the new standard for all of the SMT projects that will come in the future. I hope you gonna be successful guys, I wish you all the best!!!

Surely this is a pretty bad time to be launching an ICO with crypto markets in full rout! Have you considered delaying for a few months?

The last thing Steem needs right now are more delays! Thanks Appics for going ahead!

That’s easy to say but any ICO issued now will raise 30% of what it would have raised in Dec 17. Markets are in full rout! If I was raising funds at present, I would delay.

Good luck to everyone!:) Happy Gainz!:)

Wow! That's really very amazing.
I support the appics.
I am really very happy and its a celebration time.🎊🎉🎊🎉
Appics ICO is now live!!!!

Thanks @appics for sharing this post.

Upvoted + resteemed your post.

Yaaaaah! Finally. Been waiting for the ICO to launch since I came across APPICS. Opening my wallet right away.

nice post friend

WARNING! The comment below by @udywriter leads to a known phishing site that could steal your account.
Do not open links from users you do not trust. Do not provide your private keys to any third party websites.

Appics going to trend roof climbers.... haha good video!

Hey the marketing skills are no doubt well polished with the team from Appics. I do think you have the right team for such an endeavour. If it was on a larger scale however it would be truly a thing of disruption.

I anticipate that this will take place when more are able to touch that Appics app. This is what I am most curious about. How the app will work and whether it will able to do all the things outlined. In the near future too and not as "we will release that feature in the next..."

Something that steemit is well renowned for. So that leaves me wondering, how is it that steemit can't do an app after 2 years... yet Appics are able to have a test version already and are positioning to exist as an app entity?

Anyway, my questions rarely get a reply.
However, this is not an issue to me.
I present what most would seek to know,
So conveying these words is my primary goal.
They now exist as a public opinion. Time shall reveal the answers.

Appics social meadia app nice

These guys don't need luck to make Appics work! Pre-sale was a huge success. Now all that is left is to wait for the @Steemit team to finish the development on the SMT platform.

Appics finally opened the XAP token, I will look for capital to invest

Cool, APPICS token XAP can be purchased with steem and Steem Dollar, @appics in the best

Become an investor in the exchange and get dividends. Better than Binance. Already Open!!!

Congrats guys... i am freaking broke and have no money to invest now... hopefully by round C I will have some to jump in. Excited to see You coming so strong and to get my hands on the app ehehehe ❤

thank you! <3
Round C sounds great
Since there's no minimum investment from then on ;)

I also used some Steem Dollars to invest during round C. I'm hoping for a positive return ;) Love you guys!!!

i hate it when people use my girlfriend's photo on the internet.. LOL @purepinay

wow.....nice post that @appics i like your
post. thanks for sharing post

hi dear! you can join here in our server

Great stuff, I have been keenly following up this news waiting for today. Turns out I can invest, too expensive for me.
I'm not financially bouyant enough to invest $5000, I'll just buy fractions from someone when the ICO is complete.

Only round A has an investment minimum of 5000.
for round B the minimum is 2500$, and for C and D there is no minimum :)

2018-03-25 16.45.27.jpg

Ok. Thanks.
When do round B and C begin?

The APPICS ICO will run for 4 weeks, as each round is 1 week long:
Round B: April 4
Round C: April 11

When will the tokens be distributed to those who bought during the ICO?

Thanks for the info!

Congratulations on the successful ICO! I've actually made a video about Appics and I'm excited for things to come! I have a question about the video feature: Will there be a limit to the length of a video and will it be possible to upload video from a desktop computer?

Hello How r u pls Vote me and follow me pls I have already given u vote

Bäääm..!! 😎

Wow...high jump

Hi @appics I ran into this today. It is a competition to see who can create the next global social media site. Hope you don't see it as spam. It could be a good opportunity to spread the word about #appics and get a big incentive from investors.

wow nice jump @theglobopreneur... the finish wasn't as finesse though.. aehaeh can't wait for the app yo!

Good luck Appics😍

¡Saludos! ¿Como estas? Gracias por la informacion, un abrazo en la distancia.

Im glad it is going well. Even though im confused on why we can't store "xap" on steemit wallet instead of Ethereum. Furthermore i assume you will have similar ecosystem as steemit, or i am wrong? Hope you will go big :)

You are right, APPICS is an SMT on the STEEM Blockchain. But right now, the SMT protocol is still under development by steemit inc.

That's why we are first issuing an ERC20 token to all our early investors & supporters.
Once the SMT is fully developed, those ERC20 tokens will be swapped to APPICS tokens (XAP)

If you want to know more about SMT:

Finally! A good explanation as to why ERC20 tokens are issued first and not XAP tokens. I have my fingers crossed for a quick completion of the SMT protocol. The success of APPICS boils down to the success of the SMT protocol.

Thank you for the time and wish you best of luck.

Hello @appics I would love to invest, but once I submitted my email, only then do I find out there is a minimum buy in of 5000US. What is the point of doing an "offer" on a decentralized system, to only limit the people who can invest? it makes no sense.


Round A has a minimum investment of $5000 because it offers 15% Bonus. Round B has a limit of $2500 with 10% Bonus, and C and D have no limit at all.
This is precisely to ensure that everyone can invest who likes our vision.


Thank you ever so much for your response @sirwinchester . I will wait until round c and invest then with my steem.


P.s I plant native trees in peru with steem.

You have done an enormous amount of promoting the app. I have followed your journey ever since your first announcement and I think you will easily find investors for Appics. You could have done more on Steemit itself though but maybe there is now more time for that.

In January, Amazon announced the final 20 cities in the running to serve as home for its second headquarters, promising 50,000 new jobs and $5 billion in investment. Candidates include New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.

As for Facebook, embroiled in a scandal over the potential misuse of user data by political firm Cambridge Analytica, Cook was asked what he would do if he were Mark Zuckerberg.

"I wouldn't be in the situation," he responded.

Cook also said Apple reviews apps in careful detail to confirm every app is meeting the privacy standards it has set for users.

"We don't subscribe to the view that you have to let everybody in that wants to, or if you don't, you don't believe in free speech," said Cook. "We don't believe that."

Good luck guys! I cant wait to start with you soonest. ICO is going great. :)

Is the appics App available already ?

Yes but only a soft launch available for certain testers, including team members and pre-sale investors

Okay thanks for the info

How can I get my hands on the test version of the app? Would love to be a beta tester!

Go on appics. This is Engr_Samest on telegram

wow appics is ready to go such a great news in this community.

The meme and video is fun, funny, and scary. How can he jump from such a height without being afraid? I guess he is trying to pass a statement with the ICO and the team that y'all are risk takers and ready to succeed no matter what.

Very useful information for us appics lovers for Indonesian

great stuff

It already getting interesting and promising

I view Appics would later on replace Instagram and Snapchat

Lol, you make 1mil and you decide to jump in the pool. Skydiving would be more exhilarating ;)

Great to meet you all at Saturdays event 😊 all the best to you and the crew 😉

Heres one I took from the event of you 😎


Looking back at this makes smile. I was waiting so long for the ICO and now it is already long over. That helps to realize that the final app will come sooner than I might want to realize right now. :)

We are eagerly awaiting the implementation of this great technology.

Interesting project opening a path as one of the first SMT. Soon on our mobile devices

"When the ICO went live, competition would only strive
@Appics was breaking boundaries, powered by more than drive
Under scrutiny and pressure, is definitely where they thrive
Investors were giving thousands, Round A required five..."


"When the ICO went live, competition would only strive
@Appics was breaking boundaries, powered by more than drive
Under scrutiny and pressure, is definitely where they thrive
Investors were giving thousands, Round A required five..."


passion rewarded!!!!!passion rewarded!!!!!

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