What does not kill you makes you even stronger - @annadeda

in life •  5 months ago


Hello to all my friends of Steemit.

Today I had my last training because Sunday night I leave for Portugal where the Boccia Open World Championship 2018 is organized. The training was going very well, until a ball broke. This fact made me very worried because I had to change the broken ball with a new one on the last day of my training and this made me sad a lot because with the new ball I had to do everything all over again. This is not very easy. With my trainer we stayed in the Stadium for 8 hours training because for the championship everything will have to be perfect. I hope that this incident that happened, and also the last one is that everything goes well in the championship. I will do my best to bring another medal to Greece because, as they say, what does not kill you makes you even stronger and with God's help I think we'll manage to bring another medal Again .

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