Where do you think you go when you die?

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Has this question ever crossed your mind? I would totally understand if it hasn't, there is too much of life to live and enjoy.

When I think about it or listen to the opinions of others I am able to make a reasonably long list, there are quite a few different kinds of answers. Here they are, I would not be surprised if you have a totally different one.

Where do you think you go when you die?

  • Nowhere, there is just nothing, only blackness.
  • To the pearly gates to see if Peter will let me into heaven
  • Under the ground.
  • I'm staying on Earth as a ghost
  • Over to the other side to scan my life and learn more before I re-incarnate
    _ My spirit leaves my my body and it goes travelling in the galaxy
  • I haven't thought about it and don't want to think about it. I am too busy getting on with life

I am sharing a recent conversation. It is a bit of heavy in one way but interesting in another way.

A very recent conversation sparked my thinking. My friend Carolyn directly asking this life bending question, it seemed to have come from no-where. Sandy's answer was, I hadn't thought about it and but I don't think there is anything after I die. Carolyn immediately said, There is too much evidence about re-incarantion, I believe that we have lived lots of lives. It makes sense to think like this.

Beliefs concerning after death moments is very much based whether one is an atheists, agnostic, spiritual or religious. It is very complicated. One post cannot do it justice. When I read different people's perspectives I can say with full confidence is that the afterlife is a big unknown. If we have had lots of lives, we have no memory of them. which to me s a real downside.

I used to have very stimulating discussion with an atheist friend, she believed that there was no afterlife only blackness. She says there is no God, only the present because that is all there is. Whereas for me I would add that there is a God, a source of energy, the Life Force, my soul will go over to the Other Side when my physical body dies.

I believe that life continues when we die. Like for instance how can I go past the many Near Death Experiences and the departed souls giving messages to their loved ones through psychic mediums such as John Edwards, Silvia Brown and James Van Praagh. This resonates with me and feels right. I am convinced that we have many lives that we are all part of the oneness of the universal consciousness. There is so much to yet learn and understand. I really wish that I have memory of all my past lives and my time over the Other Side.

Each to his/her own is what i say. Whatever feels right. This is the great thing about free will. No-one can make one do anything if one chooses against it.

Anyway life is meant to be lived and enjoyed, every moment matters kind of thing so it makes sense if we do not give much thought to dying until we are confronted with our mortality. Or maybe you totally disagree and want to be in control about shifting over to the Other Side.


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howdy there angiemitchell! hey what road is that?That looks like a beautiful part of the country?


It is in Italy janton, in the Umbrian Country somewhere between St Francis of Assisi's Monastery outside Florence and Assisi. I went on a 200kms walk with a small group in 2015. Brings back lovely memories when i see these photos.


oh I can see why angiemitchell! it's quite amazing to see and would have to be even more amazing to experience! I think you should go back, think of the amazing posts that you could do, we would all be on the walk with you!

Hi nice to meet you! I love this topics of conversation. Life should be enjoyed not rushed into wondering what happens next BUT it is such a fascinating topic. I believe in one universal energy that changes and evolves. I think to an extent we can shape our lives and future, in this life and the next. I sway very much into reincarnation also. My husband doesnt agree, and a lot of my friends have didnt views and my father was an athiest, my mother a christian!


So nice to meet you. Wow, your family is so typical - a big diverse pot of differing beliefs. I am with you, what we do on Earth in this life is so important for our crossing over.