What Do You Really Know About Forgiveness?

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I am asking this question because recently on my fb page I liked a friend's posting of Dr. Norm Shealy and his words. Check it out:

Here is some background information on Dr. Norm Shealy. He is a Neurosurgeon with a PHD and an expert in stress and pain management. Dr Norm Shealy is a remarkable man who founded the American Holistic Medical Association working collaboratively with medical intuitives and other alternate therapist to heal people. He is one of the leading experts Bill Bennett interviewed for his film documentary PGS - Intuition Is Your Personal Guidance System.

To me personally Dr. Norm Shealy's words on forgiveness resonate. My comment is it is important to forgive little things everyday. A couple of like-minded other comments were:

  • It's 100% true. Forgiveness is a the Mastery Lesson of this plane of existence.
  • Absolutely. It's the only way to move forward.

There were some differing comments:

  • Some things can never be forgiven. I believe that there is acceptance that you come to terms with but to forgive when there is no justice - no.
  • Ackkkk. That's a tough one!

How do you interpret this long comment? It is thought provoking and is sure to produce some discussion!

There is something a little off about how we talk about forgiveness in our language. As soon as say forgive others, we seperate ourselves from others. Who are the others? Are they not you too? When we forgive, we forgive all, including ourselves and all others. Forgiveness is a selfless act. When we give up the ego's need to win or survive. And then we embody oneness/allness/unity/eternal all at once.

From my perspective I think that the Power of Forgiveness is a pretty hefty concept. To be able to forgive depends on many things, like one's level of awareness, acceptance of the wonders of universal consciousness, level of spiritual knowledge, learned beliefs, background experiences and personal experiences.

You may or may not have the want or the ability to forgive but it is one interesting philosophical discussion.



Enjoy reading my post. Feel free to comment.

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oh my gosh Dr. Shealy is so right. Think what would happen if
everyone in the world would learn to forgive?
It's absolutely necessary because if you don't then you are harming
yourself and promoting the anger, hate and all the other things
which lead to destruction.
But I think we have to make a decision to force ourselves to
forgive and it's a mental decision first, the heart follows after
some time. If we don't make a mental commitment then most
will never get around to forgiving because it's so hard.
thanks this is a great thought-provoking post!
ps- still charging my vote which is still worth .00!


Thank you for your wise words @janton. I totally agree, forgiveness is so important for us to evolve. (I upvoted you because I know about the challenges of upvoting)


thank you so much, God bless you!

With forgiveness a lot of hate would be erased, and without hate a lot of horrible things that happen in the world would stop happening.


We just need to keep putting the love into the world and forgiveness will happen.

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Hmm, like John C Maxwell's High Road Principle states,

When we help others, we help ourselves

When we forgive others even when they don't deserve it, I belive we move on to a better emotional level. It shows how much we can take in and how selfless we are. When we forgive others, we are actually helping ourselves.


Spot on, I agree totally.


Yeah, that's why I forgive not just to be emotionally alright and burden free but to a step ahead of others.


How important.


Have a promising week Angie

You can have peace of mind only when you forgive because he who fails to forgive is in bondage.


Yes, forgiving is letting go and evolving.