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in life •  3 months ago

@firepower I voted you for Witness because i believe you can do many good thing for Steemit user from India and you are doing like making list of all steemit user India, Running Chat contest etc.

I am at very beginning stage of steemit, hope i will grow under you experience to make community strong and valuable.

I hope you will share you amazing experience of Europe tour and SteemFest experience. Wish you happy journey.

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Thanks. I've been doing all I can to grow the community from India. I'm sure in the year to come we'll see some big things happening and more recognition for users from our geo location. Meanwhile thank you for the vote. However, the witness vote didn't go through. If you check your Steemd then you'll see the vote is not there.


@firepower My vote was not reflecting...Now i can see my vote.!!!