Being Shameless About Your Own Ability: A Life Lesson

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There are many lessons that I have learnt throughout my life, but one stood out most of all. It can be difficult to describe what it is, so I'll just summarize it all as being 'shameless about my ability'. I find that in many situations, some would turn down certain opportunities simply because the odds are stacked against them. For me, one incident has led me tho this point.

When I finished high school I was at the precipice of a life-changing decision. I was given the opportunity to attend a private college which will cost my parents a sizable chunk of money or I could attempt to apply for an overseas scholarship. The private college seemed very appealing to me because I knew that I would probably not get the overseas scholarship. I did not do all that well in my national exams. Thus, my chances of getting any scholarship is next to none.

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My parents however had other ideas. They pointed out that I had nothing to lose trying for it. At most, I would come home with a bruised ego and some time wasted. They pointed out that despite my results, I should be shameless in my abilities. They mentioned that I may not be good with my studies but I could more than make up for that with my extra curricular activities as a state representative in sports and public speaking.

Thus, off I went to the interview and was given a full scholarship. The government paid for my studies, my allowance and even the plane ticket to an overseas university of my choice. It was unexpected since they were looking for high school graduates who have scored nine to twelve As in their national exams. I only had six.

This experience changed how I viewed my ability and my response to opportunities that come my way. I learnt that no matter how difficult a project or task may seem, I am often my biggest critic. I may compare myself to the best and perceive that I have no fighting chance, but as long as I do not try, I will never be able to know how far I'll go. Therefore, in order for me to try, I need to be shameless about how good I am and go for it, trying my best and giving my all.

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This has gone well for me thus far. I have even been given a second scholarship to pursue my doctorate studies because I was shameless in my ability and age. I was told that I was too young and should have not applied in order to give my older colleagues the opportunity to apply.

I don't always succeed and I have made some mistakes along the way. That being said, I would rather try and fail, instead of not trying at all and wonder for the rest of my life, what the potential outcome may be. Thus, if you are given an opportunity at this moment and you are wondering if you are good enough, think no more. Be shameless, be bold and ignore the critics, the haters and the noise. Believe that no matter how inadequate you may think you are, you can make up for that with grit, hard work and perseverance. You may fail once, maybe twice, but as each experience is a lesson learnt, I doubt that you will not fail forever.


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Luar biasa sungguh menakjubkan, saya kagum dan termotivasi dengan anda, bimbing dan tuntun aku untuk mencapai sukses seperti anda, good lucky to you. dari @abda

Couldn't agree more though it took me many decades to accept this lesson. It's better late than never giving it a try at all.

That's right, it is a gradual process though, think knowledge makes us apprehensive in taking risks

I think I am just the opposite. I feel "safe" by being unseen. I dont really talk outloud or give my oppinion in a discussion, probably because I am not confident enough, and my family does not allow me - or didnt maybe - to give my opinion in most of cases as a youngest at home.

Thats why i found writing my blog as a healer, where i can say what i wanna say, in more honest way.

Thus, never too late to try.. I never liked the spotlight nor the stage. After trying it a few times (cuz you may not get it right the first time) I can't get enough of it =)

Hhahaha sounds challenging now :D

Be shameless...
a very important and powerful two-word advice! Thanks for sharing this.

I really admire people who are gutsy when it comes to pursuing their dreams and passions no matter what the outcome would be. To some people (including myself), this just seem too difficult as not minding what others will say. Maybe if we'll just learn to shut off "the haters and the noise", then failing wouldn't be such a big deal. A failure will just be another lesson learned.

That's right, I think it gets harder too as time goes by, you have 'more to lose' as you get older and it takes more and more guts to step out of that comfort zone.

Reading ur post its like a dejawu ... a mirror of my past... totally understands where u coming from.. its a wonderful piece bro...

This is a good lesson to have learned. It reminds me of the movie Rudy.

There are many examples of people who werent the best at things. With the attitude you describe though they have became great at it. A big part of it is recognizing your faults, and minimizing their effect on your life. Like you, you only needed to minimize your testing scores and exemplify your extracurricular activities.. This it what allows you to go for it, and its always better to try and fail, then forever wonder the dreaded 'what if I had tried' question for the rest of your life.

Thanks for sharing and entering my contest. Thanks for teaching me, you are appreciated!

You're welcome, I wanted to write something like this for awhile now so thanks for giving me the opportunity to do so! Would be cool if you can get all these life lessons and compile it into something like a book. It can be titled chicken soup for the steemian's soul haha

As long as you put your best effort into something, you will not regret it, even if you failed to achieve it. Those who try may succeed, but those who give up will surely fail indefinitely.

great post, one of the most motivational posts I read on steem. with a nice lesson " if its worth doing, give it a try irrespective of result rather than sit aside."
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Yes! I agree with you. Sometimes we need to get out of our comfort zone and make mistakes.

Such wise words! Every time I speak to you, I feel inspired to go out of my comfort zone. Being shameless is a real struggle to me, but hey, maybe it's time to at least give myself some credit :) Thanks Tee!

Love this! It's always better to do something than wonder how it'd be like if you hadn't done it! Well done!

Thanks! It is, by the way, awesome videos that you've put up on dtube! You are doing awesome

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