Spider Man, Spider Man...

in life •  18 days ago

Does Whatever A Spider Can.


During my time on Discord, listening to MSP Waves there is often some discussion about the 'deadly' Australian wildlife. In particular, we've had some honorable mentions for snakes, kangaroos (yes, they can be deadly!) and spiders. Oh, and not forgetting the poor old dingo who also rates a mention every now and then.

Last Monday's show with @isaria and @krystle, touched on the subject of Huntsman spiders and despite being quite a large spider, they are relatively harmless...

That is, until you find one resting on your bedroom wall just above your pillow..!

When the show's talk turned to spiders, I was so disappointed that I didn't have a photo ready to upload of my 'unwelcome visitor' but I was laughing because the spider was in full view for the entire discussion. I just couldn't let him get away before taking a photo so later in the day I took a close up of the spider and I also took a second photo with a ruler placed in the shot so that you could get an idea of the size.

Mind you, this is only a small Huntsman and most likely, a youngster.

Anyhoo, I do apologise if I gave anyone a fright with today's thumbnail although you're very lucky that I don't have a great zoom lens as I was really keen to get some macros of his little face but I wasn't game enough to get any closer. The 'close-up' thumbnail was actually taken with the camera at an arm's length away because I was so frightened that it would launch on my head and I wasn't taking any chances.


Here is the photo with the ruler for a reference to size.


Thanks for stopping by and reading my post, I really do appreciate your time.

And remember to keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you're thinking...!

Kindest Regards

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awww..... dats just a baby one.... so cute :P


ikr he's even got skinny little legs. We've had quite a few of them over the past few weeks (4-5 I think) so we must've had a nest somewhere. Hopefully he's the last one though.


wildlife, as the seasons change so do their behaviours, maybe its "inside" time for spideys now , lolz

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