4 golden rules for a healthy and happy life

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Health is influenced by lifestyle. Stress, sedentariness and obesity are just some of the most obvious health problems of our time.

Live happily with your family until you are old enough. All you have to do is to change your daily habit and think positively! Sounds hard? Certainly not!


Find out what are the most important rules you have to respect if you want to have a healthy lifestyle:

  • Sleep hours are very important for our health. Thus, depending on each person's body, between 6 and 8 hours of sleep per night are enough to feel refreshed in the morning.

  • Another indicator of a balanced lifestyle is a healthy and varied diet. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, healthy oils should not be lacking in our daily diet.


  • Move every day. We can opt for any kind of movement: running in the park, fitness, climbing stairs, walking as much as possible or gardening.

  • Think positively. To have a healthy lifestyle, avoid negative thoughts. Positive thoughts lead to positive feelings and positive emotions, which have a good effect on the whole organism.

Cheers, my friends! ❤️


What beautiful flowers, friend. Being free of stress is the first way to have health. The stress quickly ends with the health of people and does not allow to enjoy a full and happy life.
As for sleeping, there I have problems hahaha ... Cami do not sleep very well, she wakes up every night crying, as if she had nightmares, so I do not sleep the whole night, she always interrupts my sleep 2 or 3 times nights ... I hope that soon she will reconcile the dream well.

I hope she will have a more restful sleep in the future so that you will not wake up so often during the night. I imagine the next day you're very tired

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Amen, I also hope that soon she will sleep all night ... Yes, the next day I am exhausted! I have been told that at 3 years sleep is regulated !!! and she turns 3 in September ...

Hello Allesia, my little sister and I are always very active :) we exercise a lot and we make my mom very active too.

I am very proud of you 🤗

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