Marking 3 years on steemit.

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This month marks 3 years since I was first introduced to steemit and crypto and while I'm not very active these days I'm thinking it's time to come back more often.
When I first arrived it was mainly to share my stories and books as well as bits about my life. I think my withdrawal from regular posting started around the same time as my mental health took a dive, although i have posted about how mental health has impacted on me. I found that here on steemit I could be far more honest than I could be on other social media sites.


For a while it seemed as though people could, if not make a living here, could suplement their income and that is what steemit did for me. I never got a really big payout for a post but I did get some very nice ones a few times a week. I made far more from posting my stories in serialised form than I'd ever made from selling on Amazon and recieved far more feedback on them.

When the price of steem and SBD went up I cashed out money to pay for a new boiler for the house when the old one broke, just as winter set in, Christmas, bought a much needed new bathroom for our house as well as other treats for the family.


Life has been good with steemit and it has helped get my family things we would otherwise have struggled to afford. As someone who was always a small fish here I've had to take out most of my earnings but hopefully I can now start to rebuild my account and see where we are in another 3 years.

So thanks steemit and the people on here, you've been a life saver.


Congratulations on the three years, I hope to get back into story reading on steemit this winter, so looking forward to catching up on the books.

Thanks, I've started posting the final book of my Vampire story today so there will be something to read for a while. good to see another friendly face is still here too.

I kind of slacked off on reading last year, but with slower season, I am hoping to get back into it. I did see the first post for Elohim, looking forward to that read.

Did you have depression my friend? I have mental problems myself. I hope you are doing okay.

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I had a mild depression but severe anxiety that I've mainly got under control now. I'm a full time carer for my wife who has a severe mental health illness and when she went though a really rough time I made the stupid mistake of not looking after my own mental health. By the time I realised I had a problem it was too late. We have a very good doctor and over the last 10 years of caring for my wife I've picked up coping strategies to get me through each day. it took over a year but I've got myself into a better place.

You are a strong man. I will remember you when I pray. Sending you love and peace. I have psychosis and I have relapses once in awhile. Hallucinations and voices disturb me. Paranoia mostly.

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My wife gets psychosis and it is terrifying to see and worse to suffer from, my thoughts are with you and I hope you can keep on top of your illness.

I remember we arrived at almost the same time, and I immediately was attracted to that dandy name of yours. I think that through all the hardships you have written about there is always still an undercurrent of humour which is just in my experience a good sign. People I have known who fell into a hole, be it drugs, mental illness, divorce - whatever - lost the humour when they were at the rock bottom and sadly that is a factor that adds even more to isolating them.

I am glad you are still here. Steemit has been fascinating, but also fucking annoying at times and the moral decline it has gone through these last two years with the bidbotbastards has been much worse than the decline of the prize of Steem. It really makes me happy that some of my upvotes must have gotten into that boiler :) If you haven't already you should try to downvote some trickster bastard - at least I must admit that I have enjoyed the whole vigilante business lately.

I'll resteem this and hope it gets around!

You have to face life with a joke or two, laughter is after all the best medicine and being able to joke about things can keep us going.
I read something earlier about these bidbots and dishonest voting but didn't understand much of what I read.
As always thanks for your support and it's good to see some names I remember :)

laughter is after all the best medicine

That's for sure.

I read something earlier about these bidbots and dishonest voting but didn't understand much of what I read.

The bidbot thing is simple: You are a whale and your upvote is worth a 100 Steem. You then make a profile where people can send you 90 steem and you give them the upvote. You earn 90 steem - they earn 10 steem - of course you do not bother if they just post generic crap - money is money. People become dependent on this system and will have to power down all the time to keep it up... sound like heroin, right?

I have been downvoting this profile. After the hard on fork you can downvote 2 time 100% a day for free, and the rewards you downvote will come back to the reward pool, so I think everybody should how low their SP is. These people are racketeers and their business should be destroyed.

Strangely as you can read in this post I have found some rather weird and poetic lines in the gibberish of @maykolcontreras ...

it's good to see some names I remember :)

Ha, yes. A lot of the really funny people are not here any more. I do miss their comments under my post.

Whenever there is money to be made someone will look to play the system or get upset when they're not making it.

I found that here on steemit I could be far more honest than I could be on other social media sites.

This was part of what attracted me to posting at the beginning. I felt more at home writing here and getting involved than i could on any existing site. It just felt different on Steemit.

Firstly, welcome back! - And I think you have come back at a good time too :)

Secondly, I have to say that I can totally relate to the honest writing etc. Writing on Steem has helped me to process many emotional scars.

Thanks to @katharsisdrill's resteem, which is how I got here :)

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Happy 3rd anniversary, congratulations looking forward to your books