Do the Things you Really Want + Salsa Night Experience

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Yesterday for the first time we’ve visited social dancing in a foreign country. It was my dream long ago: to travel and visit some social dancing events.

I must admit my fear to visit those was usually bigger than desire, though the desire is and was huge. 🙏

Can’t explain clearly what I was (and maybe still am, just in diffeent country) uncomfortable with, but the experience was amazing. Maybe it’s just some sort of anxiety of socializing with strangers. 🙄

This is what social dancing is and should be about: getting to socialize across the world. 😍 I like this way of dancing much more than just getting more professional in dancing by attending classes and dances in your hometown with the same people all the time.

I’ve got to dance a lot, we even learnt new things snd danced salsa rueda as well. ☺️ One of the best experiences here on Bali. And believe me, we’ve experienced a LOT of cool stuff here. 😅🙈

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Nice idea I must say ,, social dancing is good ,, lovely video ,, I am considering doing that too ,, your video motivated me

That's very nice! Hope you enjoy this experience!

I admit this amazing dance @aleksandraz, need extra energy to complete the dance.

Thank you! Glad you liked it:)

Great one! There is always this fulfillment that comes with doing what you want and the happiest people in the world are usually in that category.

Thanks, you're right!

Еще много новых впечатлений! Замечательный отдых

Совершенно верно!

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