My Brush With Hateful Trolls + Why I Think Celebrities Suffer From Depression

in #life3 years ago (edited)

Previously, I wrote about how I was going back to the valley of death, in which I was joined a bunch of Facebook Groups in the self-improvement and marketing space in hopes of gaining traffic for my blog.

It's been about a week and already I feel the hate.

This happened yesterday in the group called Order Of Man, a self-improvement group targeted towards men:


Some other dude created a separate thread which, long story short, stated how he was having problems with his marriage.

He claimed that he "did nothing but love his wife" for many years, but then one day, she left.

She even called the cops on him and filed a restraining order for "no reason."

I checked out the thread. There were a handful of people who felt he wasn't being honest and that he wasn't telling the full story. Arguments included that it was pretty unbelievable that the dude's wife would suddenly turn on him out of nowhere and even took to authorities for no apparent reason.

And so, a new thread (the one I am involved in above) was created by said dude's friend because he felt a lot of the comments on the original thread weren't very nice to him.

The friend felt that everyone should have given him the benefit of the doubt and believe everything he said. Apparently we should, as "brothers" shower him with nothing but love and support.

Unfortunately, adults with brains, like me felt otherwise.

I made the comments above and immediately, two butthurt brothers got upset with me.

When I read the replies to me above, I was pretty taken aback.

I felt a little pissed at first.

I thought it was rude.

I wondered what I did to deserve such treatment considering I didn't do anything wrong.

I nearly went down the rabbit hole, where ruminating over negative, toxic people would run rampant.

And yeah, the thought of leaving the group did cross my mind.

This kind of hit me then: Perhaps celebrities, despite all their fame, money and glamour end up depressed due to the overwhelming amount of hate they need to face everyday.

I am not a celebrity. I am just an average dude who needs to deal with idiotic, immature strangers like that from time to time. 

Yet, it bothered me to my core somewhat.

But for a celebrity...

  • Imagine logging on to any social network, from Facebook, YouTube to Instagram, and knowing for certain there's ton of hateful comments directed at you.
  • Imagine going viral in the news for being falsely accused of something you didn't do.
  • Imagine going out on the streets and rude, obnoxious paparazzi swarm you, treating you like some piece of gossip.
  • Imagine always trying your best to do your work, do what you love and help others, but others still find a problem with it.
  • Imagine watching the friends and family you grew up with betraying you because they're envious of your newfound fame and fortune.
  • Imagine your haters threatening your family because of your status as a celebrity.

See the overwhelming amount of hate?

That's a life surrounded by hate, literally. Everywhere you look, you know that's some hate hidden somewhere, waiting for you.

Everywhere you try to go then, the hate follows too.

I guess then, that is why no amount of fame and fortune can actually help with that.

Dealing with so much hate can be damaging to your psyche. It's traumatic even.

The best thing we can do is ignore the haters.

And then try our best to relish in the love and support we have from good people:

This was a reply from a dude who was very vocal on the original thread, calling out the guy on not being honest.

This is how you don't lose yourself. Notice I didn't even bother arguing back. I didn't even see the need to throw in cheap shots of sarcasm because that'd mean being a troll myself.

This is how you stay happy.