I Will Be Going Back In The Valley Of Death... Please Wish Me Luck Before I Did Of Overwhelming Lameness

in #life3 years ago

Yep. The Valley Of Death.

A place I went to before and left.

I thought I'd never go back for I hated it there. It was hell to me.

I never looked back.

Until today...

The Valley Of Death is calling me back.

Every time she calls, it's like the scream of a siren that makes me cringe.

Reluctantly, I've turned my head. To look back.

And I make the first few steps to go back to that valley...

I've since re-joined a bunch of annoying, cliched self-help Facebook Groups.

Why? Because it's a legit method to generate traffic back to my blog. It's a place that at least focuses on building community first among people and not just a place to spam links.

This is how I want to engage with others and gain a bigger audience.

But oh my fucking god... 

I have to indulge in all the cliched tropes these self-helpers, entrepreneurs, gurus, experts, life coaches or whatever the fuck they wanna call themselves spew forth everyday.

"WOOHOO! I love Mondays!"

"What are you thankful for today?!"


"Click here to learn how I quit my job and make six-figures doing what I love in 6 months!"

And other annoying shit...

Wish me luck!