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in life •  6 months ago

So i was trying to get DLive to work and failed miserably. So until I can actually get it to work I'm going to stick to DTube. I was using BitStream but wasn't sure if I was recording or not. I think I'll have to look through the F.A.Q. So this Vlog is basically talking about what I wanted to talk about yesterday.


▶️ DTube

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Hit you with a reblog... just posted this weeks contest for #doitforthebag on my page... just trying to get these funds up and return them to the artists that are on here.


I need to check out the beat. Gonna head to Ken's page. Thanks for the reblog. Looks like you got me some more upvotes!!


Alright alright aright.

@alao................ lol I am at the stage where you used to be
I am still struggling with process of getting it to work as well
most likely when it fit I will be down with whatever.............

I will be down with video in a moment


Yeah to complicated for me.

Well, I also tried to play your DLive video for multiple times but I failed. This's also nice to use dtube. Your video is nice @alao


Thanks for the support!!


You're most welcome dear

Jerry is obviously an ill person. It was disturbing, but what was more disturbing to me is the amount of bullying he received, and how many people thought it was really funny. I've made it clear, I do not like his business practices, but I felt for him. I could not imagine how ill someone would have to be to put themselves through that, let alone tell everyone.


Yeah it seems like a cry for help. To be honest it reminds me of Kanye's outburst. I know he has had issues with alcoholism in the past so this might be a way for him to not pick up a drink..