What are the causes of our suppression?

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Suppression means defeat, subduing, repression, crushing, etc. Our suppression means repression of human beings by other humans, nature or other such factors that generate in our own mind.

Government is one of such factor that suppresses us. It imposes various restrictions on us. It is a system supposed to protect people from enemies and criminals, provide justice to everyone, including foreigners, suppress criminals and antisocial elements, provide a means of living for everyone and work for the welfare of the citizens, etc. But, cunning politicians and greedy businessmen are controlling it. They enact laws in such ways that they ultimately become the tools of suppression of weaker section of the society. Laws protect and serve the elite class. It has become almost impossible for the poor to get justice in many parts of the world because it takes loads of money to hire a good lawyer. Intricate laws and rules make it difficult for the poor to seek justice.

Beside these things, government also burdens honest people by imposing various taxes on them. It tries to suppress the voice of discontentment. It cannot digest protest of the people who fight for their right. It restricts our freedom and makes us slaves, rather in a different way.

Society also causes us to suffer. It doesn’t let us to live as per our wish. For example: someone is not willing to marry, his/her relatives or neighbors will try to put pressure on him/her. If somebody wishes to adopt a particular career, some others will try to afraid him. Girls and women are not allowed to live freely in many parts of the world.

Criminals, corrupt politicians, tyrant rulers, psychopaths etc. do not come from other planets. They are the part of our society. So, the society can also become the cause of our suppression.

Religions are also the part of our society and were supposed to make us good humans but what really they did for humanity? They became means of accumulating power in few hands. Powerful rulers and priests’ vicious ambitions filled religions with various types of superstitions and dogmas. People became so mindless because of religious beliefs that they became indifferent to this world and became more careful about the imaginary heaven. What religions did in the Middle Ages and what they are doing in the present time is known to the enlightened ones but the fundamentalists are not ready to accept the reality yet. 

Antisocial elements are those people who always try to subdue others. They try to bully others for satisfying their ego. These egoistic and self-centred people don’t hesitate to destroy innocent people’s life for the sake of making money, satisfy own ego, greed, or just for having fun. If you are not doing well, they can mock you or tell you that you should not worry because only a talented people can do it. This behavior may seem sympathetic but in reality it remains full of venom. In this way they indirectly try to discourage others and make them devoid of self confidence. Eve teasers, sexual offenders, criminals, bullies etc. are antisocial elements. One should be careful of these people.

But the worst enemy can be our inner self. If our education is not good; if our thinking is full of negativity; if we are judgmental, bully, sadistic, dogmatic and superstitious, nothing can save us from downfall. Vices like greed, hatred, prejudice, intolerance, bigotry, narrow-mindedness, timidity etc. are our worst enemies. We must be free from these vices. They can be the cause of suppression of others as well as us.  

All images are taken from pixabay.com.

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