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I have heard a lot about a discussion: why do people work? The most obvious answer would be to survive and for livelihood. I can understand the feeling, but does money plays a crucial role in picking a career? I don’t think it is true for many of us. Humans have come a long way, from being hunter-gatherers to civilized individuals. In the process, they have been evolving, and now they have come to the point that there are several socially and physically diverse jobs. People used to be farmers and craftsmen, and now we can see a lot few people in this stream. So, do you think money played a crucial role for this change?

Absolutely not, at least as far as I am concerned. Humans are generally innate to some qualities, including confidence, self-esteem, integrity, and so on. We want identification, autonomy, and respect from other people wherever we go; the essential one is meaning. We cannot just work for money, although few people consider paycheck should be the critical point to assess employment. But, as I said, there are only a few people think like that. I guess they don’t want to think and put effort into.

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People work for several reasons, including identity, fulfillment, and social connection with the colleagues, and the other thing is for money. But money is just one of them, and not even the most important one I think. While it is evident that money is a significant aspect that one needs to survive, it is not always the case, and people, since they were born, need others things like respect.

Just see yourself as a person who serves the community, and gets the sense of nobility in what you do. It is through hard work and dedication, one can get to the destination that he wants, and it doesn’t have to be a situation he became wealthier, but a sense of satisfaction in his life.


There is need to understand the meaning and purpose of life.
No body has time to think about this!

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Community service and development should be the topmost component of the zeal to work but sadly this ain't obtainable in our world today in a zenith mode.
People basically work for salaries but I agree on your advice about community service

Whenever I take a new position, salary is always the first deciding factor. Am I going to be able to afford to pay my bills, my mortgage, can I afford the lease on my car, can I afford to eat or travel?

This is why so many people are in jobs they hate because they have no alternative. Life is expensive and depending on where you live, even more so than other places. If you live in San Francisco or other places near Silicon Valley, you need a lot of money to live.

Anyone who tells you money is not important when it comes to taking a job (unless it's volunteer work) is not someone I would ever trust.