I've Started a new way in my life

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Hello everyone

I'd just made some blood test and my results were awful!

I've LDL Very High and Cholesterol over the highst limit.

And after I found out that my weight is about 108KG...

So, Now after my Doctor gave me a tip to keep my health I started to eat on time and with limits

This is my Diet Plan


Breakfast: (8:00)
2 pieces of whole wheat bread
2 tbsp of 5% cheese
A lot of green Vegetables
2 glasses of water

Lunch: (12:00)

Thin meat (Chicken breast, or Sea fish or low fat Meat)
No Carbohydrate!!!
A lot of grilled (with no oil) Vegetables and Salad
4 glasses of water

at 15:00
glass of water

1.5% Yogurt with 4 Nuts and Date.
glass of water


1 Egg \ Tuna with water \ 2 Sardines
2 pieces of whole wheat bread
2 TBS of 5% Cheese
2 glasses of water

glass of water

This is my daily menu

I am really want to lose some weight

Hope I'll success with it

Wish me luck

Best wishes everyone.



eat for a very good diet adi should eat acidic fruit-acid every day. I can not give a value if my upvote can just resteem my friends.

Its ok my friend
Thank you for your help :)

yes same-buddy.