Poem: Remorseless

in life •  3 months ago

I burned like a golden flame,
dancing at the end of a waxen wick.
Suddenly I saw the shining rabble;
a conflagration, of multi hued fires
beyond the sky, beside the stars

Scattered out across the innards of space,
splashing merrily in Poseidon’s wake.
they streaked the blackened sky;
In an interminable sparkling line,
vanishing into the abyss of a stygian sea.

At once I felt the joyous urge to flee,
from this very path that I had trod for all time.
I burned brighter trying to claim;
My place amongst those celestial sprites,
they shimmered in glee at my importuned essay,
urging me, nay, imploring me to come away.

I blazed forth like lightning touching the clouds,
devouring everything that approached me.
Alas, I burnt the tedious wick to the very end;
Paid the price for my temerity,
a moment I was free to make the leap,
until darkness swallowed me for eternity.

Sometimes you realize that life is a remorseless being. It propels you at speeds that are ethereal in directions that you are unaware of. Once you start, there is no stopping the imperious advancement of your state. To reach the highs of your own fortune, you must grasp the albatross as it flies beyond. But beware the gloaming for in its haze, you lose sight of your own frailties and then eventually forfeit the very fiber of your being

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lovely. No Regrets!


is not our endeavour always to aim higher? we are children of the stars aspiring, yearning...