The Importance of Community - Find your Tribe! 🎥[video inside]

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It is so important to find your Tribe

Finding a place to fit in, a community that will love and support you, and allow you to also give back. This equal balance creates a place for growth.

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What every it is that you do, there is always someone out there that loves that same thing. In most cases a whole community out there that is into what you love.


For me it is acrobatic. Espesially partner acrobatics. Partner acrobatics takes at least two people. So when you find other people that are into partner acrobatics it is easy to connect. When I find someone else that is into partner acrobatics, I get super excited and we can become friends super fast. Sharing the same passion creates an immediate bond.

This weekend I was working out of town at a music festival. I was walking around the festival and saw two ladies practicing partner acrobatics. I walked up in excitement. "Can I play with you guys!", I said. "I do Acro too!"
I was welcomed into their circle and we practiced some fun moves together.
I love that ever where I go I can find my Acro Tribe

The beauty of Steemit
Steemit allows us to find people with the same interests; travel, cryptocurrencies, storytelling, art, tech, health/fitness, ect.

It is a such a great place to find your group of people that can relate with you, and to share your common passions.
Steemit is a paradise

I am so happy to be apart of the Steemit tribe

Thanks for checking out my post!
I hope you have found your tribe...You have! You are here with us on Steemit! ;)

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beautiful quote! :)

Love this - tribe is super important. I have always loved my tribe that connects with me about the universe and spirituality and then there are other tribes I connect with as well. No matter what you choose to do, there is someone out there who is looking for you to be part of their tribe.


Beautifully said.


You are absolutely right!! If you put yourself out there with good intentions the universe will help you find your people :)
Thanks for your lovely comment @awakealiveaware

Connection is critical, and something we're all looking for. I've been a "loner" most of my life, but it's not something I'm proud of or gloat about. I'm fully aware that the best moments of my life are made with the help of others.

For years I've been continually exploring how to make more genuine connections through my passions, rather than circumventing or sabotaging these passions.


I can relate. Growing up, in school I was the shy kid and the loner.

Finding the right place, the right community helps soooo much.


I think what makes Steemit so exciting is the concept that value can be created by the very best of our passions, the intense interests that bring us closer to other people. It's shining a light on the fact that our personal interest, values, passions, etc. have been largely removed from the value-creating machine that makes up the bulk of the economy as we know it.


You just told my story. You've given a voice to some of my long held inner most feelings. Wishing you many blessings.


@rensoul17 Glad we got resonance! You post about tea? I love tea... I'm getting closer and closer to brewing green tea that's actually green.... still not sure what the trick is though. I'm starting to think that the greenness of green tea is literally a function of how zen you are while brewing it..

Saw this Resteemed by @craig-grant. Great post! I am a firm believer in community, thank you for doing your part in contribution :)


Thanks so much! Yeah I was stoked to see @craig-grant restreem this!! He is awesome!!!

Thanks so much for your support @introducingmo


Absolutely mate! Glad to have stumbled across your account :) Enjoyed your latest post also, such chill vibes!

Well said! :)


Thanks so much!
I appreciate your support!

The acro video is amazing, thanks . I've never seen acro like that.
I have found my tribe, steemit.
Although I am still searching for the 'outside the box musical clan'.


Thanks so much @bilbop !
I am glad you liked the video.

Steemit is a wonderful tribe!!
Good like finding your 'outside the box musical clan' ;)
There are so many awesome musical people to connect with!

That was cool. 😎
Thanks for sharing


Thank you! :)

I'm still looking for my tribe here. :) Glad you found yours.


You will find it! Keep putting yourself out there :)

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So Blessed to see the wilder side of the Steemit community. Amazing video! I have only just begun my love affair with AcroYoga. Being yourself authentically will elevate your vibe and attract the tribe!


Thanks so much for your comment! :)
I so agree!
You must be yourself authentically, in return you will get back what you really want and need.

Thats really amazing what you do with the girl on your legs ) How did you find the balance ? She must trust you )))
How often do you practice ?

Just Resteemed.
Following you. Keep in tounch.


AcroYoga and partner acrobatics takes a lot of practice and trust.
I have been into it for about five years now.

When we start doing hard moves we always use a spotter, that way if someone is about to fall, the fall can be slowed down or stopped :)

You should see about getting into it yourself. It is so much fun!

dude...amazing post. I guess great minds think alike, because I just started building an engagement group. It is extremely powerful, because it focuses attention instead of letting an algorithm decide what you want to read. I had a 2000 member community on instagram, and that was the only reason I had 100k followers. Keep up the gooood work brotha!


Nice man!
Community always helps you grow faster.
I have done my a lot of marketing and nerding out on instagram as well.

The payouts on Steemit are so much better ;)

yay! So happy to be a part of your tribe!


ditto! :)

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