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Hello my friends....^^

오늘은 아내와 결혼한지 20년이 되는 날입니다...^^
퇴근하는 길에 꽃집에 들러서 꽃을 샀읍니다.

Today is the 20th anniversary of our marriage ... ^^
I stopped by the flower shop on my way home and bought flowers.

그동안 즐거운 날도 있었고 힘들고 어려운 순간도 있었던거 같습니다.
하지만 지나온 날보다 더 많은 날들이 남아있네요….^^
같이 있어서 의지가 되었듯이,
앞으로도 같이 고민하고, 같이 웃으면서 늙어 갈수 있기를 기원합니다….^^

There have been pleasant days, and hard time also.
But there are more days left than the days passed ... . ^^
Just as we were willing to be together,
I hope we will continue to grow old and laugh together ... . ^^
s - 복사본 - 복사본 - 복사본 - 복사본.jpg

지금까지는 별로 신경쓰지않아 잘 몰랐는데, 인터넷에 검색을 해보니 결혼기념일이 생각보다 많네요.
결혼 기념일은 부부가 결혼한 날을 축하하는 날로써 부부는 물론 가족들도 함께 축하를 해주는 자리입니다.
결혼 후 1년이 되면 ‘지혼’ 이라 부르는데, 이때 부부는 서로에게 책이나 그림 또는 사랑의 편지등 종이로 된 선물을 줍니다.
결혼 25주년은 ‘은혼’,
결혼 30주년은 ‘진주혼’,
결혼 35주년은 ‘산호혼’,
결혼 40주년은 ‘녹옥혼’,
결혼 45주년은 ‘홍옥혼’,
결혼 50주년은 ‘금혼’ 이라 하여 보석의 이름이 붙었는데, 이때에는 그이름에 맞는 보석을 선물 한다고 합니다.
결혼 60주년은 ‘회혼’ 이라 하는데 이때에는 자녀가 부모를 위해 잔치를 하게 된다고 하구요.
미국에서는 결혼 75주년 다이아몬드 결혼기념일 이라고 하네요.

After searching the internet, I found there are more wedding anniversary than I expected.
The wedding anniversary is a celebration day for married couples.
It is a day for couples and families to celebrate together.

One year after marriage, they call it "Paper Wedding."
At this time, the couple gives each other a paper gift, such as a book, a picture, or a letter of love.
The 25th anniversary of marriage is ‘Silver Wedding’,
The 30th anniversary of the marriage is ‘Pearl Wedding’,
The 35th anniversary of marriage is ‘Coral Wedding’,
The 40th anniversary of marriage is ‘Green Ruby Wedding’,
The 45th anniversary of marriage is ‘Red Ruby Wedding,’
The 50th anniversary of the marriage is called ‘Golden wedding’ and the gift to each other would be each gem.
At the 60th anniversary of marriage, the children are having a feast for their parents.
In the United States, 75th anniversary of wedding is called ‘Diamond wedding anniversary’.


이 많은 기념일들을 다 보낼려면 스팀가격이 많이 올라야 겠네요…^^
For enjoy all these anniversaries, steem price should rise up ... ^^

Have a nice evening....^^

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@abdullar nim 건배!

time for Galbi and a Soju?

20 years, wow, way to go for me :) congrats!

Congratulations for his marriage celebration @abdullar. Hopefully stay durable and added intimate

Congratulations on the anniversary! I hope you can celebrate many more. And in 5 years you can already celebrate the silver wedding! Cheers

Congratulations! Best Wishes!

Nice to see happyness, lovely post sir. Take good care of those you love.

Best wishes!

Congrats And happy anniversary, i hope you happy always

Happy Anniversary.

Congrats on your anniversary @abdullar! Enjoy many more happy years together:)

Congratulations! @abdullar

Happy Anniversary my friend :)


Congrats! It's a big term... we have only 5 yet.

Happy Anniversary, congratulations and heres to 20 more! :)

Excellent post! I like your work My friend

Congratulations and best wishes.

Happy anniversary @abdullar. Wish your wish come true. Happy for both of you. The flower is beautiful by the way. :)

멋지십니다. 저와 제 와이프는 5년차 인데도 소가 닭보듯 , 닭이 소보듯 하는데 말이죠.

Congrads to this!

Congratulations! May you deepen your love to each other even more and have harmony and peace!

happy wedding anniversary ;-))

Its truly a blessing to find someone that you can travel through life with experiencing the good and the bad.

Happy anniversary! Hope you have a great one :D

Congratulations to you and your wife! And all the best wishes for the next 20 years. May you both life together in joy and harmony.

Happy anniversary!

"But there are more days left than the days passed ..."

That is a beautiful sentiment. I really like that!

Congratulations 🍾🎈🎊🎉

Happy Anniversary!!! Wishing you many more!

Thats amazing , so many years ! Beautiful ! Congratulations and never ending love!

Felicitaciones @abdullar, hacen bonita pareja. Estaremos pendiente para las Bodas de Plata.

Happy Anniversary! Cheers to many more upcoming ones :D

Big congratulations!

Congratulations on your anniversary! My husband and I just celebrated out 10th anniversary. I wish you many more happy years.

Congratulations! Be happy!

Oh, I missed such an important date in your life! I warmly welcome you @abdullar ! This is a great achievement to live together 20 years!

Great posts abdullar. Especially, I like the fact that you share your thoughts honestly and in a way that is benefits the community at Steemit. Keep up the good work!