Thoughts on Currencies and Valuations

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There will always be people attempting to predict the markets. This is not only the case of cryptocurrencies, but something that reflects across all of them. The techniques used are widely studied by people who want to participate of these markets, but mastering them I’m convinced is highly improbable. As much as it may be correct to say that analysts are more right than wrong, but for a really long time I’ve been trying to think exactly why that is the case.


What I’m attempting to express is hardly complicated. All the technical aspects used to read charts, the RSI, the moving averages, the bullish flag, etc. Might be attempting to predict market sentiment, the reaction of investors and not so much the asset’s value being traded. In other words, an unspoken agreement is made between those who are looking at the charts and a majority of investors jump in at the point of maximum agreement.

I’m thinking of this because this says very little about the value of an asset. If you were to think logically about the value gasoline for that matter. I doubt your way of looking at its value would be to attempt to predict if others would be willing to pay the same price for the gallon. You know you need it, you know it’s going to be used, so you simply purchase it.

If you are wondering why this is relevant to me or why I’m thinking about this today. Well, that is because I think a token like Steem is very close to becoming a usable asset and leave its days of exclusive speculation behind. The way I understand the upcoming SMT’s are going to give Steem the much needed boost it deserves.

I’m aware some might disagree with me on this matter, but I’m willing to backup my claims. An exclusive speculative market is extremely vulnerable to short term sentiment. If someone is speculating on Steem for example, that speculator is hardly interested in the long term valuation and a lot more in the short to medium profits to be made. This in turns gives Steem its current volatility making it harder for Long term investors to make the leap.

I’m saying this not because I believe speculation is a bad thing. In every single market in existence speculators are what give assets their liquidity thus making them an extremely important element of the ecosystem. But a healthy asset class, and more specifically a healthy asset’s value should probably not be exclusively derived from speculation.

Since it seems a little obvious to me at the moment that the speculative market is mainly driven by market sentiment, it’s also obvious that if someone would want to do something to improve the value of an asset, that contribution should be focused on improving sentiment. In other words, a positive representation of the asset, a proposed application, a working product.

On these respects Steem has a huge advantage over other assets on the cryptocurrency world and as such remains a blockchain no investor could really dismiss lightly.

I remain positive about the future of Steem as I believe it’s right on the brink of a huge transformative transition. @steemitblog has been extremely active keeping us informed. Something I’m told is fairly new, and it’s quite possible SMTs will launch before years end.

I hope many here remain positive and not allow fear to dominate. There is a lot of track before the true take off.

Steem on my friends...



Great article I like reading 📖 it

me too have a lot of good information !

STEEM has a ton of issues to overcome before it will be taking off in price. Not speculating, but unless they begin to control inflation or increase user base price will be stagnating for while.

I don’t mind the price staying low for a while longer.... gives me a better chance to accumulate at lower levels ..... As soon as I have 100,000 it can skyrocket.

Seems to be working ok for me. I went from investing zero dollars to earning $40,000 in a few months posting my artwork and photography.

Ok... thanks for your input. I have seen a lot of artists do very well on Steemit. Better than me. At least they are getting paid for their original creative work here. That is a big step forward for artists like me that have worked years and years and years for nothing at all.

Many people make nothing on Steemit since they have not read the White Paper. All the Secret Knowledge to make a living on Steemit can be found there,


I can not even sign up to .... ???? Is it in Test Mode or something ?

It's very sad @kendrahill that you have such a low opinion about entire population of people here on Steemit.

I've been here less than half year and I met number of valuable bloggers and influencers. People creating great content and supporting others.

I believe you just didn't have luck with getting to know right people.



STEEM is a great place for Artists and people who CREATE original Content .... My kids made over $1,000 so far.


It looks like you have been here on Steemit since July 2018. .... 30 days so far ?

I create paintings, photography and digital art .... I post 5-10 times a day. I wait for 30minutes before I Upvote my own post so that anyone who voted before me share 99 % of the reward.. Curation Rewards.... it is through Giving that you Receive.

Speech lover

this is a live project, many smart people are involved in it and it will only grow despite the market.

STEEM truly does have a lot of smart people with fairly brilliant ideas for enhancing and increasing the platform. @icopulse has it right that its a live project. It isn't just some idea someone made for the laughs or just to into the cryptocurrency wave but people have real ideas that can be used with STEEM. Dlive can be a Twitch contender, Dtube instead of youtube, Dsound and Steem Monsters for music and a game integrated to accept cryptocurrency. You only need to have an idea and pitch it so its great that people share STEEM with everyone.


I think the biggest barrier for entry is the actual process of getting people involved in the Steem Ecosystem. I mean I can see it being complicated for some who aren't very technical but want to know how it works. They have over complicated the system and shot themselves in the foot in a way. For example drawing the distinction between steem ,steem power and sbd and knowing which is more important may take some getting used to for the lay person. Steem cannot remain niche forever or else it will fail. Simple things like making sure users understand how to use the system and signing up for accounts should be taken care before they can charge. But I do agree that I don't see the system surviving without actual valued currency coming in.


I have seen couple of guys whi invested as very little amount today they are mega rich,all thanks to cryptocurency . My openion on market on all the signal are not reliable, i dont realy know how to invest on steem.

yeah off course it will make a big impact on it totally agree with you @crypto2crypto.

One of those issues being this shitpost

SMTs will give the value of steem to rise and we are just in the beginning of its history as one of the most successful tokens because as of now applications on top of the steem blockchain are adding up along with its users and soon the steem token will get scarce and will make its price rise. @chbartist


It is so difficult to predict the exact trend of the crypto market due to its being so volatile. In just a few pump or dump, the market moves significantly and this makes crypto an exciting asset to invest and trade. If you know how the market behaves and know how to play this game then you will earn huge due to its volatility. Steem on the other hand was so promising and I am so excited what steem will bring us in the future :)

i agree totally. with that in mind, if we have "stable" crypto markets, then the ingenuity of blockchain can be seen by larger amounts of people. in that sense, i'd rather take a thriving blockchain adoption over crypto, but that is just my honest opinion. cheers,-willy

Cryptocurrency is deflationary it can never be stable... If any one cryptocurrency becomes the de facto method of currency it will still take over 20 years for it to stabilize. And even then maybe never.

The currency is supposed to be international. Though the USD is stable inside the US, its value relative to the EURO is constantly fluctuating. Further the amount of goods you can buy with a set amount of USD fluctuates more than people think. And in crypto this would cause the value of the cryptocurrency to fluctuate as well. I mean more than 30% of the world don't have access to bank accounts, monetary value fluctuates all the time between countries.

If we want cryptocurrency to be used we cannot wait for it to stop fluctuating.. These damn wallets need to be set up so I can send a set amount of fiat to people and it just automatically, using market rates, gives them the appropriate amount of crypto.

you follow @jigneshbar and i am already follnw you so please follow @jigneshbar and upvotes on my articles

Alright I will follow you... but your gonna have to start posting some interesting stuff on cryptocurrencies.

What I saw so far was just you listing some well known coins, calling them your top 5 and then posting a two generic sentences about them, information I already knew.

Give me your insights and your reasons.

i agree , the only way for stability is for usage to increase.

i little bit think that steem price can go upto 500-600 dollar in 2021

I upvote you,you can do the same with my posts,thank you!

nice sky

APeople starts accepting crypto as real money 💰 that will happen but slowly may take years ..or it may become precious metal which we got after mining like gold ...

Crypto is still in its infancy. The debate is still on whether it is a payment mechanism or a store of value.
The current volatility discourages businesses from accepting it .
Like all new things, crypto has to go through the adoption cycles. For example, early adopters of electric cars suffered the first years on finding places to plug in, today there are more and more charging stations popping up around; not enough but a huge improvements compared to few years ago

"currency" in cryptocurrency defines it as means of trade.

Unluckily (or luckily?) it's considered by many as sit on chicken egg till it turns into golden egg.

Even the late ones in the game hope not to be the last in the game. So the value of whatever TOP crypto they have will probably just go up.

Is it good or bad? It's obviously good.

If Bitcoin was worth $1 like in 2011 or 2012, there would be no headlines and the adoption would be 1% of nowadays adoption both by users and retailers. There's won't be any significant retailer accepting BTC, LTC ...
Because of value, Bitcoin became TRENDY and as payment option (and other crypto's) became the must have for progressive companies.

Not possible for a long time. The US government only takes dollars to pay taxes, not Crypto. Until that changes there will always be need for fiat.

Check out Arizona leading the charge. They're in the process of accepting crypto to pay for property tax. Long time is very broad.

Put it this way, any country who doesn't accept crypto as a way of tax is going to end up as a third world country.

but also since bitcoin is a fixed supply that will be over time people will want to hoard it

headspace21 thats not actualy an issue though. Yes, you only have a limited supply but you can send 0.000000001 bitcoin if you want to. That would be 0,0000082 $US at the moment. Hording will only drive the value up, thus eventualy prohibiting very small (or urgent and relativly small due to not including a fee or a low fee for the transaction) transactions, but not really a problem. Bitcoin of course isnt the only currency available though the only one that thus far has wide acceptance with big corporations.

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Only if there is regulation to control the pump and dump

Look at Gold, there's regulation to prevent corruption in that market but there's still manipulation going on to this day.

austin101 if there wasnt, itd be worthless. Other than a few high end uses such as high conductivity gold is utterly worthless.

on one hand, the speculative nature and potential value of the blockchain-based crypto sways people into not using it as currency. on the other hand, there aren't enough places currently accepting it. thus, it is a bit of a standstill at this point. with that in mind, loads of potential and i'm really excited not only for payment, but all the ways blockchain and crypto can be used to help people in a decentralized way.

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These damn wallets need to be set up so I can send a set amount of fiat to people and it just automatically, using market rates, gives them the appropriate amount of crypto. And every store operator needs to be able to instantly convert their crypto into fiat, else they will be too scared of the downside risk. It's one thing to lose an investment its another to have your business crumble.

Obviously big companies have less to worry about, but for the little guys who have started accepting their favorite altcoins it can make or break them. I know NANO has quite a few small businesses that accept it as payment.

Yes the acceptance must grow.

We won't have global acceptance of crypto currency until businesses begin to accept Crypto as payment for everyday transactions. And I mean accepting it directly without the need for an intermediary.

On these respects Steem has a huge advantage over other assets on the cryptocurrency world and as such remains a blockchain no investor could really dismiss lightly.

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I hope many here remain positive and not allow fear to dominate. There is a lot of track before the true take off.

Countries are working on the regulation of cryptocurency. So when al these solved. It must be on its peak.

Also, Steem is one of the best cryptos out there. There's already real utility.

Yes defenately. But it requires time to regulate cryptocurrencies. And also crypto exchanges should be highly secured.

Yep,bitcoin is facing regulatory pressure. When this all drama will over everyrhing should be fine

steem will follow bitcoin just like all the others will

Wowow awesome rewards. I agree that Steem is a sleeping giant.

Grow your bitcoin
Mining bitcoin with CMF. legitFB_IMG_1532964785774.jpg platform, fast withdrawal

Agreed ... long live steemit!!

nice phto

yes, I say EOS to $1000 before new year:

i hope too but for this to be happen, market cap of eos must be nearly equal to $ .91T.

This is my thoughts on valuation ;P


Power resides where one believes it resides, same goes with money. As long as people believe it has value, it has power. So yeah, just transfer me your useless money to my bank account so I could show you how stupid money actually is, don't worry, not a scam.

I liked the way you are looking at steemit, meanwhile I do believe the matter of "Trust" should be considered. It will convince people about any assets like steemit etc.

Steemit is not an asset, Steem is.

hi^^nice too meet you!

Jajaja. Muy interesante y ocurrente tu comentario. Pero es cierto, estoy de acuerdo contigo en cuanto a la energía que tiene el dinero. La gente le da un poder casi sobrenatural, tanto así que transforma a las personas si no saben canalizar esa energía.

The only thing that makes money have value, is the fact that everyone BELIEVES that money has value.

all money is faith based. Faith it can be spent. once the faith is gone it is just paper.

I am totally Agree with crypto currency but in india there are government's Rules are very restrictable ..images.png

This is not 100 % true bro. Government is planning to regulate crypto currencies. They create panel to give recommendation for regulating crypto currencies. RbI banning banks to provide payment services to crypto exchanges and their customers, not the goverment. Crypto exchanges fight in court to reverse this decesion. Now the results are shown soon..

$1220+ in upvotes received (for one page of writing) so far, but only 30 cents in comment upvotes handed out? What kind of channel have I stumbled across? Not one worth another look, apparently :/

Awful. Not compared to the worst, but compared to anything that’s ever been paid for IRL. No idea What kind of person you are otherwise, but whatever you’re doing here, it’s not great to say the least.

Sounds like this shitpost was created by an AI. Steemit is such a fucking joke these days

Completely agree with you that Steem is on the brink of a huge transformation. Not only steem but the whole blockchain community is going to witness a great transition. You have rightly mentioned that speculation is driven by market sentiments but i would like to add that cryptos are also driven by pump and dump method which is done by some group of people for short term gain. But all in all kudos to Steem for giving serious people like us a great platform to share our views and also get enlightened on the topics of our choice by learned people all across the world.

totally agree with you dear...

It would be a significant change @chbartist in the world to break those paradigms and accept the @criptomonedas, which are common circulation, great article, excellent work. Congratulations.

Yeah, people always predict about Cryptocurrencies market on the basis of chart's and past behavior of market as well as current news and fud in the market. Chart's studies and News or the only source to predict any thing about Bitcoin and other currencies..

But some times their prediction become right and some times their prediction becomes wrong...

But I think Cryptocurrencies market is highly volatile and uncertain market so it is difficult to make any prediction about this market..

By the way @chbartist I was missing your blog for past two weeks.

People starts accepting crypto as real money 💰 that will happen but slowly may take years ..or it may become precious metal which we got after mining like gold ...

Big companies tend to accept at least bitcoin. Steam (the games plattform) does, so does a big german website coordinating food deliveries of restaurants across the nation for restaurants that sign up to it, typicly pizza joints or other ethnic cuisine stuff. Mostly pizza though.

The Dollar is a currency based on racketeering - Take the Petro-Dolar out of the picture and the dollar will crash to the bottom! That is why they need to keep killing innocent people in the middle east, so that fat muricans can still pay for their burgers!

Crypto Currency Market is highly fluctuating with people entering with sole purpose of earning Short term Profits...making it more unstable.. on the other hand Steemit works in a totally different way as there is also mechanism implemented for barring any possibility of arbitrage gain and serious member will retail active and gain in future...

totaly agree with you finyoga............

Total mente de acuerdo con tu publicación, y es verdad que muchos hablan de especulación y así como a algunos les favorece a otros no, pero porque no invertir en herramientas como estas en donde siendo un aporte para muchos, aportando ideas o mejoras a la sociedad sean compensadas, Todos queremos y necesitamos ganancias a corto plazo, pero si buscamos ganancias a largo plazo seria la mejor manera para todos. A decir verdad me gustaría que se generara un sistema "especulativo " y lo digo entre comillas porque no solo importaría el trafico o las transacciones generadas a diario sino VALORAR EL APORTE SOCIAL A LARGO PLAZO. Proyectos como este o SCORUM con un objetivo principal pero del que pueden salir mas ramas e ideas con la que cualquier usuario pueda aportar.

Percieving crytocurrencies as 21st century curriency is a fact which can't be over emphasised irrespective of market uncertainty.
Meanwhile, considering the following fact bellow; Security:
Cryptocurrency systems are based upon cryptographic security and cryptography. What this means is, rather than ‘trusting in the bank’ and its I.T department to keep your money and banking details safe, when you invest in cryptocurrency, you’re trusting in ‘the math’. This security means that it’s highly unlikely your account will ever be compromised.
Anonymity & Privacy:
While once an attractive advantage to those on the ‘dark web’, the pseudonymous nature of crypto is still a plus to everyday investors and traders.
This pseudonymous feature is a benefit which ultimately means that neither a transaction nor the accounts to which they’re sent, are ever connected to real world identities. Once a person is given the crypto address it is almost impossible to track it to them. The addresses are seemingly random chains of around 30 characters. While it is usually possible to analyze the transaction flow, it is not necessarily possible to connect the real world identity of users with those addresses
cryptocurrency transaction feesTransaction Fees:
Cryptocurrencies are made more advantageous by the fact that they involve lower fees than any other money transaction processes. Usually there are zero, or very low transaction fees for cryptocurrency exchanges because the miners are compensated by the network.
Use & Barrier to Entry:
The joy behind cryptocurrency is that, unlike some traditional investment methods which are difficult to jump into, investing in crypto is easy, permissionless and accessible to trade with 24/hours a day.
Ever tried carrying a large amount of money abroad? Well, we haven’t, but we understand in certain jurisdictions it’s difficult, if not sometimes impossible. Cryptocurrency solves this issue, these currencies are easily and legally portable.
Fast Speed of Transaction:
No Debt:
Unlike the normal banking system, cryptocurrencies have no debt but are the bearer. This is to say that the Fiat-money on your bank account is created by debt.
Controlled Supply & Low Inflationary Risk
Many argue that cryptocurrency trumps FIAT currency like USD and GBP for one key reason – quantitative easing. Most cryptocurrencies operate under controlled supply, which means no ‘printing of money’. In Fact, networks limit the supply of the tokens even in cases where the demand is high.
However, the future of steemit is so bright to stand the test of a strong 21st century currency if not the best.

Well, that is because I think a token like Steem is very close to becoming a usable asset and leave its days of exclusive speculation behind. The way I understand the upcoming SMT’s are going to give Steem the much needed boost it deserves.

How can you take a statement like this seriously? It's already a usable asset.

this is a very interesting and necessary comment /s

Will the price of steem dollars be increased in upcoming week/days

i dont know what happend in asia why pakistani and indian governments banned cryptocurrency. even banks debit and credit cards not accept in any online buy cryptocurrency sites work , i try many times but transaction failed massage saw in screen , when i connect my bank help line and ask about transaction faild he simply said goverment banned all these type online sites there sale/buy bitcoin because bitcoin banned .

Thanks so much for this word of encouragement


But in a present day, all marketer invests in cryptocurrencies....why?

Will the price of steem dollars increase in upcoming week/days ??????

your article is very good. At the moment we just leave behind the currency. That is not right. We do not evaluate anything. But your writing has to learn a lot from the people of our society.

@chbartist sir what you think about litecoin price going up or down bcoz i am going to buy some lite coins ???

Yes it is true that predicting cryptocurrencies is a complex work.Also steem is a good asset as you suggested,agree with your article.

We purchase gas because it’s easy to use in our car, it takes quite a price hike before we consider driving less or not completely filling our tank. For steem I see it as a much used currency behind the mouth piece of the crypto world, Steemit. Sure getting the smart contracts out will be great, makes steem all the better.

The market have a lot of speculation but still you can predict the flow of where it will go just need time for study the market just that, good article btw you have my upvote ! XD

I wish more people believe in the potential and the future of cryptocurrencies in general. The revolution is not stoppable...

I think Artificial intelligence and software prediction software will be the main stay. There are many software available. However I suggest using one programmer or team of programmers from With their expertise they custom program a software that is vetted by a expert in currencies and economics. Outsource and be the boss. Hope this helps inspire anyone to be successful by leveraging and utilizing capable and skilled talented people. However, You as the buyer and customer must know more than them and let them do the work. Hope this advice will propel your business and investments to the next level of greatness. All the best to Everyone.

Can't wait until no one uses bid bots and you drown in irrelevance

Haha at least they are buying Steem in order to use bid bots. This is helpful in keeping Steem velocity up.

Great post, Thanks you.

CryptoCurrency was the next world 20th-century future and will be everyone accept him and Crypto was grown just with the help of Markets and people will increase the markets.

good morning friends and happy start of the week, as I see it we are still in a very young market where volatility is also given by the big capital speculation to obtain their profits, the market sentiment this year has been varied, as I see it the market reached more than $ 800,000,000,000 and is currently around $ 300,000,000,000, so a group of investors have more than $ 500,000,000,000 in profits, some are prepared for these big jumps and others are not! we can also see that the market is always ahead from what has been achieved , this way it comes the overvalue of an asset by speculation on the price, in the case of steem I agree that it has already reached many goals and its application is incredible, the power of knowledge, influence, strategy, leadership and reward make it a powerful social network, to see its operation and statistics as a network also make it unique, i believe that is going to rise massively, this also depends on how we all involve more people in the space of steemit, we are all part of the growth and change that comes, if we make the greatest effort to involve everyone that can, for sure we will change the world !! Happy week and many blessings

@chbartist - what do you think that predicts is always right ? i am asking because some people believe it.

Steem needs to be improved much more.

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Hey bro,@chbartist you post really very impressive blog and i am totally agreed to you.
But can we trade in this volatile #market or we should wait for hiking of bitcoin price or ICO prices?

Hello chbartist..great idea, but do you think the predictions can really drive the crypto market? Or can influence the market? As those are also given by the market experts and experience guys..

@chbartist, do you think that digital currency is useful to thrid world countries in their economic growth? Some countries declear band upon bitcoin,eg. India. Is Valuation of currency most effective to socio-ecomic development?

You are great man, I love to read your article it so amazing.

we have no fear about dominance...... as we saw last year bitcoin will run like a bull just within 1 to 2 weeks from bottom to moon.

crypto has clear future

cryptocurrency is an investment time will come when the value of cash is very low so it cryptocurrency the you will depend on

That's exactly what value investing tells you to do!

i think steem has more than enough intrinsic value to stick around for the forseeable future :) nowhere else quite like steem

That's just the point - some people predict the markets of others doing business.

Buen análisis, @chbartist.

Compare to bitcoin, steem price should around 40 usd by now. With all that, I still remain steem believer. I hope steem will soon moon.

More people would just accept cryptocurrency as a form

Yes it is true that predicting cryptocurrencies is a complex work.

The revaluation is unlikely to take away China���s competitive edge, especially if it dampens the recent acceleration in its prices via more imports. Robert Mundell, US professor of trade and Nobel Prize winner in economics (1999), predicted in April that a revaluation would just be a ���drop in the bucket���. It could yield even the opposite of what the US wants, by cooling-off prices in the recently inflating economy; that will make Chinese exports not only more price-competitive.

everything is so speculative its crazy

I agree with you man . But at this time it's very difficult.

mastering a field can make a person's menu a success because with it one can predict the most difficult possibility that will be experienced and it can be a way out of all disaster

Predicting crypto currency is really hard cause many there are so many factors affecting the fluctuations of it's price

The cryptocurrency market is very volatile and unpredictable. Crypto assets are full of hopes. Like the technological evolution, the cryptocurrency is going to evolve and become better and better. The potential is therefore unprecedented, which is why Blockbasis wants to support this continous development through our platform, where users can send and receive cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum and more with just an email address. Besides sending and receiving via email, users can exchange cryptocurrency on our DEX.

I have not enough experience in this market. But I think this whole market based on your luck.

Try Coinbase, out of all the Crypto exchanges it's the least of a headache. (I speak from painful experience).

What I love about Steem is that you can explain the concept without even getting into blockchain technology! That just happens in the background while someone gets money for writing a great piece. Reminds me of apple making things much simpler than the PC. I have been using different crypto platforms for the last two years and not one of them is that simplified that my dad or mam could use it. With steem they probably could.

The future of steemit was very bright.

Cryptocurrency is here to stay

no doubt cryptocurruncy can volatile.but i think it may change the total money into digital form as well.

I agree with you but not 100% because of the volatility of cryptos. With the release of SMT's it might boost and reach the peaks, but one should also keep in mind that bitcoin's peak was 18k and it is again down to 8k.
STEEM also, was at $3 last year and now it is down to 1.4$.
One can make profits in cryptocurrency, as you said, if he nows the right time of bidding.
BTW it was great thinking of yours for explaining expected future of STEEM.

definitely for sure steemit will become usable asset , but again it has long way to do many things , before it reached any where near to bitcoin , Steemit platform and steemit promotors will need to work hard to get this done , lets hope for the best , thank you for this update , lets work successfully together.

What anyone ever thought that the price of bitcoin will be high. Probably people had not thought about it. But before few months back when a price of bitcoin increase than people take more interest on cryptocurrency so please be positive and support steem. It depends on us how far we can take its price.

While all your points and reservations have been well established, may I quickly point out to you that it's fine and just natural a reaction for investors in this new clime to fret, considering the economic windfall the block-chain industry has been experiencing lately?

Exactly! My thoughts how can you predict cryptocurrencies or anything until and unless you have a proper data stating this much amount of bitcoin has been purchased and people are demanding more of it.

Great post! Will upvote and follow you, if possible have a look at my recent blogs and upvote if you like it or leave your opinion in comment section anything would be appreciated! :)

cryptocurrency is more valuable than the other currency in the world, these days cryptocurrency has a wide future and the people who used this have bright future.

I’ve recently seen a surge of posts on the use of cryptocurrencies as actual currencies. This is extremely interesting to me because I’ve been thinking of cryptocurrencies as an investment for quite some time now. But that could be purely a result of the recent price appreciation, and I’m always willing to examine new evidence to change my thoughts.

I am also positive about steem future

amazing picture and i like it !
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