Los policias son personas como cualquier, y por ende algunos son honestos otros mentirosos, algunos son Violentos y otros no ETC.

All cops use violence against peaceful people. All cops.
Cop's aren't just people, cop's are there to enforce law's.
They promise to enforce the law's......All law's.
They are order followers, robots.
When they put on a costume they put away their own conscience and judgement, to enforce arbitrary, men made, law's of which many are unjust. All cop's do.
And then they say hey; "I'm not making the laws I just enforce them"
Or; "I'm just doing my job just following orders"

Just like all order followers (state robot's) in history.


To give an other perspective.
I don't need a badge, to stop a thief, aggressor, bully, murderer.
I only need a badge to do things that would be seen as bad, as regular people did them.


Edit; Thank you for your reply by the way I had to put it through google translate and had to guess a little what it was saying. :)