Who's "bashing"?

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Isn't it interesting how telling the truth about cops has become "cop bashing"?

What delicate little flowers that gang has become. They can murder you and almost inevitably get away with it, but if you say that (or anything else that reflects negatively on them and hurts their feelings), you are the one bashing their gang.

If that's the case, I'll continue to "bash" cops. They deserve it.

Because, as I say, "cop" isn't a person, it is a set of evil behaviors. If you don't "bash" evil behaviors, you are supporting them.

Someone else said it better:

"The truth is, 'evil' is not something a person is; it’s something a person does. An evil person is not one who is suffused with some malefic and primordial spiritual force; it’s one who performs evil acts. It’s not possible to be evil without doing evil, and it’s equally impossible to knowingly, willingly and consistently do evil and yet be considered good." ~ Maggie McNeill, The Honest Courtesan

Evil is as evil does


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The last meme in the post exemplifies the nature of monopolized violence: a dare of calling the cops on cops.

Los policias son personas como cualquier, y por ende algunos son honestos otros mentirosos, algunos son Violentos y otros no ETC.

All cops use violence against peaceful people. All cops.
Cop's aren't just people, cop's are there to enforce law's.
They promise to enforce the law's......All law's.
They are order followers, robots.
When they put on a costume they put away their own conscience and judgement, to enforce arbitrary, men made, law's of which many are unjust. All cop's do.
And then they say hey; "I'm not making the laws I just enforce them"
Or; "I'm just doing my job just following orders"

Just like all order followers (state robot's) in history.


To give an other perspective.
I don't need a badge, to stop a thief, aggressor, bully, murderer.
I only need a badge to do things that would be seen as bad, as regular people did them.


Edit; Thank you for your reply by the way I had to put it through google translate and had to guess a little what it was saying. :)