Quit Conflating Socialism With Big-Government Welfarism

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A pet peeve of mine.

Yes, "Socialism" is bad, yes it's failed, yes it's caused millions to perish in mass starvation. Yes anyone can look at its report card and with intellectual honesty report its demerits.

But what people are calling socialism today on your Facebook timeline is actually just Big State Welfarism.

It's another example of words being taken over and misrepresented to mean something they don't.

Socialism means the workers control the means of production (more Venezuela-ish than Nordic model) not just Big-State-steal-from-everyone-to-give-to-those-less-fortunate-than-yourself-you-bigot!

What people are actually pushing for today is more big government running charity vice private non-profit operations. Who do you think is more efficient?

As a resident expert (self-appointed, of course) with a first-hand view in how the government spends money... YOUR money, let's just say that 'wanting government primacy in any entity whose mission is to increase the public good' is shortsighted.

What are your thoughts?

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True free market capitalism will kick socialism's butt any day of the week.

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Don't forget that the democracy fork looks about the same

Except with 100 million less deaths? Are you equating the ills of one to another?

Denmark seems to work just fine. and Democratic warmongers kill just as many people. Don't forget that the Military Industrial Complex lives in democracy.

I hate the military industrial complex as much as the next guy. But 'Denmark seems to work just fine' is a bit of a lazy argument that whitewashes a LOT of details.

Socialism 'can' be ok. I'm not saying that all socialism is good. Some of it is horrible.
Just as bad as our fake democracy. It's just not helping to call ALL socialism bad.
Corruption for instance is always bad.

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