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After my daughter's friend was murdered in the library, she has not wanted to go back. It's just not the library without Miss Krissie there.

But this weekend we did go back for their annual Christmas program.

Last year, the Library's Christmas program was so pitiful that I wondered if they were losing interest in continuing the tradition. This year they put a lot of effort into it, probably in an attempt to draw people back.

My daughter was still not comfortable there. She wasn't the only one.

I wasn't comfortable because of the heavy police presence. It's nothing but security theater, and is worse than useless. No one is made safer by having cops are around.

I was disappointed, although not surprised, by their new "We don't care if you die!" signage. Why do fools always ramp up the failure after suffering the consequences of their failure? It's a discouraging human trait, I suppose.

I love libraries. I hate that they are so often funded through theft, rather than voluntarily. They could be so much more than they are allowed to be if they were freed from the burden of government control. And, although almost all "private" businesses in the area also fall prey to the superstitious belief that signage empowering murderers is somehow "helpful", government facilities are the only ones "Constitutionally" prohibited from doing so. A lot of difference it makes.

All in all, going to the library just wasn't a positive experience.


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I hate the fact that the library where I work is tax-funded for the most part. It is technically not a government agency, but we all know how the revenue is raised, and the bigwigs don't see any problems with it.

I also detest the fact that we are explicitly barred from carrying any weapons. Fortunately, the state where I live has relatively liberal (in the classical sense) gun laws, and many people carry with permits. I know this because they have been presented as ID to verify residency. Since I am in a relatively rebellious rural region, I'd wager many more carry without magical government permission because "it's none of the government's business" is an unspoken mantra about a lot of things out here.


I assume everyone I meet is carrying. Many probably aren't, but I expect them to be. I want them to be.

My hometown library wasn't tax funded.
It had a (whatchamcallit thing where old rich white folks give em a bunchaton of money) That it operated from