My First LNC

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The national convention of the Libertarian Party was held last weekend, and I attended as a delegate for the state of Arizona. This was the first national convention for a political party that I have ever been to. It was a very enjoyable experience to be able to visit with people from all across the country. Some of which are presently running for various public offices such as Matt Waters from Virginia, who is running for the Senate.

One of the things that impresses me about the Libertarian Party, that I didn’t recognize before the convention, is the various persuasions and perspectives that are represented among the constituents. The conventional political landscape of the two party system has a way of polarizing people who often fight against the other party. And of course, the media tends to fan the flames of this conflict, making it worse. But Libertarians appear to set aside their differences in order to focus on the bigger issues at hand, particularly the intrusion of government in the lives of people, the injustice of taxation, and the futility of victimless crimes. This is probably why Libertarians are mostly ignored by the media. Seeing these things motivates me to prosper the liberty movement.

One way I’m doing this has been to register with the state as a precinct committee person for the party. My name is supposed to be on the ballot of the election this fall. I’m also the county treasurer. Another thing I’m doing is heading up the translation of the FREEDOM! Book by a current running Libertarian US Presidential candidate @adamkokesh, who also happens to be our county chairman. If you know of anyone that knows another language besides English, and is willing to donate some time to translating, please contact me at

Another highlight from the convention was being able to attend a meeting about Steemit that was hosted by the witness @aggroed. Steemit is one of my favorite platforms, and after moving into a less expensive house next month, I’ll be able to free up some more time to participate in it.

But besides all this, one of the most impressive things was my experience in New Orleans. This is the first time being in that city, and the hotel I stayed in was over a mile away from the convention. As a result, I had encounters with many people on the street, and in various businesses as I walked back and forth each day (sometimes late at night). By the end of my visit, not one person was rude, unfriendly, or begging for money...NO ONE! Everyone was polite, friendly, and respectful. As a result, I would definitely go back.
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Nice to see you back again! Also glad to hear that everyone was polite!


Thanks. As stated above, I’m working on making some more time to participate on here.

I am glad to see you writing again sir @timothyb. God bless.


Thank you. I look forward to doing much more.

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