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It is said that if you are libertarian, and being consistent, those on the Right will call you a "Leftist" and those on the Left will claim you're part of the "Right".

It seems to me, in some cases at least, I must be doing things right.

On Facebook a while back I wrote "Neither Right nor Left, but the opposite of both those extremely wrong positions."

A guy who is infamous on Facebook for calling libertarians (or anyone who isn't his brand of alt-right) rude names commented "So... far left".

I replied with a link to a page with tips for improving reading comprehension, but it seems my help wasn't appreciated.

Anyway, he went on about how "middle of the road" is always leftist (Mises says so!), and called me a "crypto-commie". I never said I was "middle of the road"-- why would I be standing stupidly in the road at all? I'm not a cow. Standing between two positions (pretending those positions actually differ) is not the opposite of both.

It reminds me of the poor guy who, back in 2010, called me a "COMMUNOFASCISTIC STATIST", and said "Having a discussion with you is akin to touching the 'tar baby'" when I wouldn't buy into the flawed argument he was trying to trap me into agreeing with him on. Nope, I kept countering his every point rather easily (because it was a subject I've studied a lot), and he didn't like it. So he snapped on me.

Somehow, being called mean names by people who believe theft, aggression, superstition, and slavery can somehow be "better" than NOT committing theft and aggression seems like a compliment to me. I'll survive it.


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Well said! As a "Socially-Left Libertarian," it seems like my views are always contrary to somebody's label of what they should be.

Great points and I love the illustration as well. Socially liberal, fiscally conservative. What's so hard to understand about that? :)

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