Kevin Shaw - Bringing Activism to the Libertarian Party

in libertarian •  last year 

Learn more about his work at:

Want to help me finally free America from the federal government?

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Free speech zones? Wow! Reminds me of Communist China or something. :(

Dissolve all government? Seems social systems governing social interaction is a good thing to me. Power restricts power.

You make an important contribution in the struggle for Freedom. As a veteran who understands the nonsense of war, you have become the promoter of active freedom addressed to the layman.

This book is easy to understand and very interesting.
As you stated in the book, "The education of others begins with education for ourselves, to be a supporter of liberty, we do not need to be academicians, but help to have a complete understanding of the message".

To support the cause of freedom, Support Adam's campaign and book bombs.

I often follow the outlet Kevin shaw a student of Philosophy and Political Science, and produce content for various freedom-themed web outlets.
the theme in the lift is always interesting and he has done a noble task of bringing people who do not know in the direction of liberation enlightenment

saya sangat suka postingan anda.

To localized and decentralized sounds a good idea, that guys you just interviewed is not a normal guy, he knows a lot though. Corporations are the one that put millions of American people out of their houses and became homeless and hopeless. The government bailed out lots of Company before like: Lehman Brothers, Jp morgan, and other companies, that created a staggering 20 trillion in debt and China took advantage to our debt and now they are positioning themselves to become a global power. But my question would be, If you became a custodian sir @adamkokesh how do you deal with foreign countries economically and politically? if the united states will become a Libertarian Nation


Have not been a political kind of person, though i like the perspective in which you view most things.
It's such free way and on point.
Let me check out freedomline

once one gets past "Spicoli" from "the Valley", he can appreciate this boy. Warriors come in all looks! Keep that in mind. I especially like the website he directs us to at the end of the vid. Damn, I'd love to see what a bunch of his friends would do on a City Council if they had a majority working with Nickolas Wildstar as the mayor..... Wouldn't you? Aim Small; Miss Small, silly boys!

This is such a ridiculous story that the would spend that much effort of money for handing out a public document. Can the average Joe not see the massive problems in society 💯🐒

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That's a political related video.i little bit support politics..
That's a good video about politics...
Thanks for sharing....

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Hey bud, I mentioned you in a new post. I think you'll dig it. A re-steem would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know when you're in NH. I'd love you meet up and help out the cause.
Best, Clint

dog shake gif 6.gif

what's going on with your country, maybe we can help you ....


How to




Activism goes well with to keep the government in check and tell them that they are doing the wrong thing. Good way to go Kevin Shaw

One of our contributors Kevin Shaw out there doing great things as usual! Thanks for the interview Adam!

It was great meeting you at the convention! You convinced me to join Steemit.