LGBT+ Pride Month

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On July 9, 2005, the legendary Ziegfeld's in Washington, DC closed its doors forever.

As many of you know, June is Pride Month in many locations around the world.

When I was young (and thin and pretty ...), I was a regular at the original location of Ziegfeld's/Secrets in Southeast Washington, DC. Whether you were a gay guy cruising or a group of rowdy women having a bachelorette party, this was the place to be on Friday and Saturday nights.

I was recently digging through several thousand pictures I have taken over the years, which are un-sorted on my computer, and came across the ones I took at their last night open.

It was bittersweet. This was "Cheers" to many of us. We had developed friendships that have lasted for lifetimes, loved and lost, laughed and cried, and everybody knew your name. Or at least the alias you used in bars and clubs.

I was not an employee but the owners, bartenders, performers, and everyone else knew me, so I would just walk back-stage and talk shit or bounce some clown grabbing women's butts whether anyone asked me to or not. (Ya, I haven't changed much, I know.)

I visited the new location in 2011, which is much larger but somehow a shade of its former glory.

So without further ado, or much need for commentary:

I am challenging everyone I know to post something for Pride Month using the #lgbt and #pride tags.

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Happy Pride Month, some fond memories shared here - I bet you had some memorable times and more then a few wild stories you remember.

Such a shame it had to close and the new location lost the historic charm, this happens so often in the name of progress.

#thealliance #witness

Happy Pride Month! Seems you've been having a blast from the past (so to speak.)


Thanks! I was soooo happy to find these pictures. Ziegfeld's was a #happyplace for me when I was young and stupid a party girl.
Also probably gonna get a @steemitboard notice for post #1000 here.


I had no idea you were a party girl! Some days you make it seem like you yell at transphobes from your porch lol. I hope I can carry your legacy.


The reason I could bounce jerks and just walk back-stage without permission was because I was at this place four nights a week. Met my second husband there.


Oh, also the 4th picture down to the left of the half-naked drag queen is my adoptive mother.

We're coming up on Pride Week, here in Boston, culminating in the big Pride Parade, next Saturday!

Hopefully, I'll have tons of Pics, from the parties after.


You will have good pics.

Unlike mine. LOL

Happy pride month to you lady. I really don't know what its about because in Nigeria we don't particularly celebrate but every day's a blessing. People just go around grabbing butts? 😆


Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people have been historically discriminated against in much of the world. Even the many on Steemit who disapprove of someone else's "lifestyle" should be mature and evolved enough to leave others alone and let them live their lives in peace.

It came from an incident in New York City in 1969 when the police raided a bar called The Stonewall Inn, which was a place where many LGBT people gathered, under the "decency" laws of the city. It is true that Stonewall was serving liquor without a license and there were many acts of prostitution taking place there.

For reference, note how differently History Channel and Wikipedia frame the context for this story.

Modern "Pride" parades and events are a response to the Stonewall Riots. I keep reminding people that it's a protest, not a public orgy.

Yeah when businesses grow sometimes they lose their initial magic. But the memories will always be with You :) nice photos :) and thank you for jumping on the #pridewithsergio eheheh lets celebrate eheheh


Oh, I forgot to add the context for that part of it: Ziegfeld's didn't close by choice. The Washington Nationals and Major League Baseball had arm-twisted the city into clearing a "footprint" for the proposed baseball stadium in that area, and refused to add a team in Washington, DC unless the stadium had waterfront and monument views. The "footprint" for such venues includes far more space for parking and presumed retail than for the actual stadiums. It was the old story of the jocks beating up the queers. Many of the venues that the city forced to close weren't even technically on the baseball stadium's "footprint", much of the area was low-income housing for some of the city's poorest residents, and the stadium itself is a massive eye-sore when you drive into the city along South Capitol Street.


Wow that makes it even sadder. :( ggrrrrrr

Heyja! You've got a upvote from @PRP-LGBT, the Curation & Magazine Account for content like yours! Happy pride month! <3

Each quen chooses his lifestyle and swim has to come to infuse in it

Happy Pride Month! I've made some great memories with my kids at our local pride events. I feel like I'm always learning from my LGBT friends (and kids) and so wish that things were discussed this openly when I was younger (although there wasn't the internet, and growing up in rural Iowa meant I didn't have words for anything I was feeling!)

Anyway, I appreciate voices like yours. I've come across your comments and you are such a strong, positive, wonderful person just in the few things I've seen. Thank you for sharing. These photos look like you had a BLAST. <3