LGBT-party Steem Basic Income Contest, Write about Your Favourite LGBT Character

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LGBT people don't have much positive representation in any form of media today. This means we must pay special attention to those that do exist.

The Objective:

Write a paragraph on your favourite LGBT character in any media (books, TV shows, etc), then leave it as a comment below this post within the next 7 days.

The Rules:

Only the first submission of each individual will be counted, and the reward will be determined based on the best.

Each user must prove themselves to be an ally of LGBT or a member of LGBT, this is done by joining our discord server and passing our quick examination. Discord link,

The Reward:

Any user who adheres to these will win two SBI tokens, up to a maximum of 20 that will be given out.
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My favorite LGBT character in media is, admittedly, not something which I've given serious consideration before this contest, and having now ruminated for about a day over what seems like a very important decision, I'm actually quite surprised at the conclusion I've come to in this regard. The name that keeps coming to mind is that of Maxine Conway of Wentworth, (or Wentworth Prison, as it's known in the UK and New Zealand.)

Now, to be clear, the cisgender man who plays Maxine on the show is problematic for a few reasons, and I am referring exclusively to the character as she exists in-universe, void of context or outside commentary by any of the show's creators. I personally believe this lens to be the most suitable for judging fictional characters against one-another. In this regard, there is one very important distinction that I believe sets Maxine apart from other transgender characters in media, and to an extent, other characters who fall under the LGBT+ umbrella. As transgender characters in media go, Maxine is exceptionally well-rounded. She is first and foremost an individual person, with the same level of complexity as the other characters on the show, and she deals with issues that are not exclusive to the transgender community, but in ways which are consistently and realistically influenced by her status. Far too often, writers will attempt to showcase the experiences of an entire community through a single character, making a character's status as a community member their defining trait as a character, but it's also quite commonplace for a character to be uninfluenced entirely by their status, and simply mention in a few episodes that they have a minority status. Maxine strikes me as a happy medium between the two, wherein her transgender status is impossible for most to ignore, yet does not override the presence of other traits. Like so many other Wentworth characters, Maxine is a total badass. She is seen by the other inmates as a considerable force due to her loyalty, physical strength, innovative approaches to problem-solving, and single-minded determination. Yet at times, she acts in an overtly maternal way to the other inmates, including those who have physically attacked her, or regularly harassed her because of her transgender status. (Because Wentworth is a more-or-less typical prison drama, there are quite a few of these.) And there are other times when, like all of us, she's simply a neurotic mess. Another thing I admire about her character is that she doesn't quite "pass." People tend to assume immediately upon seeing her that she is a transgender woman; Maxine is on HRT and has had genital surgery, and does not have an appearance one would typically associate with a cisgender man, but her face, height, and voice tend to betray any efforts she might make to be perceived as a cisgender woman. She is also a good deal older than a majority of transgender characters. Because she is portrayed so clearly and deliberately as a unique and capable person dealing with unique and substantial dilemma, engaging in overt and covert resistance and struggling to deal with the consequences, Maxine Conway has become a character which I am very pleased to consider relatable, and has earned status as my personal favorite LGBT character in media. The show is pretty cool too, if you can stomach all of the transphobia from the other characters.

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For me, Rupaul has become a permanent symbol of the community, not only in spite of its show that is becoming more viral but since the 90s where it was always a voice that was very loud. Rupaul I feel that inspires me to be who I am, to believe in my rights and to be a happier person with myself. Rupaul helps to give greater visibility to the collective and not only to the gay community also to the fabulous drag community. Can I hear an Amen for that?

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Ruby and Sapphire from Steven Universe are my favorite! I will be back with pictures and more paragraph!

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