LGBT-Party Manifesto

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Every group has their goals, and here are ours

Community and Content

Content is the bread and butter of Steem, it must be our main focuses in one way or another. The biggest flaw with most groups on Steem, especially curation groups, is that the focus is on the content and not the social interaction. Essay after essay may get a lot of readable content on this platform, but if it answers questions nobody asked it isn’t very useful. For our curation we would like to focus more heavily on posts that are questions, and people who put thought into answers for them. In the LGBT space this is especially important. When each person is trying to figure out who they themselves are, asking questions and getting answers can be very helpful.

Writing for monetary rewards has very big problems associated with it. People focus more on money than on good content, and interaction is often lost in the process. This is why we plan on using tools like Steem Basic Income to reward members of the community for simply being members of the community, with no strings attached. Our goal first and foremost is to build a community.

Group Structure

As groups get larger and become more diverse they must find a way to structure themselves. A group where each person is active in each section is great for new groups, but as a group gets larger that becomes much more difficult. There are methods that this can be changed organically as a group grows, but planning ahead is also important. Our proposal down in the next paragraph will vary with each interaction, but will be used as a rough planning tool for each new project, starting with the curation aspect of our group.

The overall group will be lead by users that will be of the ”Management” position. These people must be a member of the LGBT+ community and are chosen by other members of management. This is to help keep the group centered on the goals it originally started off on. The next rank will be the leaders of different projects within this LGBT-party group. These people will govern their projects, and keep them operational, while the management oversees them. The next rank will be held by the members within these projects, and it is up to the project leader to decide the specifics. In the curation group, for example, can be split into two positions. The higher position would be those that are allowed to vote on the post, while the lower one would be those that go through steem looking for posts that may receive a vote.

Incorporation of other groups

There are a few other LGBT groups on this platform, and there likely will be new ones in the future. Having competing groups isn’t very efficient, so we will do our best to work with other groups, as long as they wish to achieve the same goals. For the majority of groups this will be done by making them a sub-group within our group. They will get a say in how this group operates, and we will provide them what we can while they also provide resources and advice to other groups within ours. Guaranteed votes from our curation system is one method of that, for example.

Plans for the future

Our short term plans are to grow our user base through curation and contests. Once there are enough users participating in contests they will be moved to an alternate account, and lead by somebody who will be given the rank of group leader. Contests will continue to be held every monday.

We are recruiting members to our trail, this account (@lgbt-party) will be the lead in that, so just follow it in whatever apps you use, or join me on discord and join my homemade bot. Once our trail gets big enough, we will start giving away things like steem basic income tokens on upvotes.

A problem with asking questions on Steem is that you can’t separate top level posts, they all go in the same feed. We will be making posts where you can ask questions of members of the LGBT community, where both answers and questions will be curated.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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Well finally, a good bloody initiative that seeks to have established goals to actually unite this disconnected community, propagate more LGBTQIA+ content and be organized. Moreover, initiatives like this can truly unite the other initiatives and make them more powerful under one banner.
But unfortunately Steemit doesn't promote competition amongst small communities I see. Just look at the person below, or above, me that is claiming that this group is the ill-looked at "collectivist" nightmare is no more than spreading fear and propaganda. They only do this because they fear competition to their group and brand. Also, I have yet to see the LGBT-party claim themselves as socialists, and, in any case, spreading memes won't win you the competition - but empirically and rationally showing your side will.
In any case, with its relatively new birth and rise to fame later down the road, people like that commenter will gulp in the fact that they could've benefited allying with a programme like this. Welp, guess cornering the market makes sense if making profit was the only point of concern, and they'll see that their short-term goals will bury them quicker than what they've half-assed tried to bury here.


You should know me better than that by now, if even by my own posts and comments.

I actually have talked with the "Management" of this group, who are socialists.

I've made my case empirically and rationally, while sometimes injecting humor, and have been muted by every one of this user's accounts. They are not interested in conversation.

If you actually read my last response to them here, after they had passive-aggressively tried to bait me multiple times before muting me instead of actually engaging in the debate they were begging me for (you want the screenshots from the LGBT+ Discord #welcome channel?), I welcome competition. Because we can be united as individuals without anyone herding us around like cattle. You would think we share some common goals and could work together toward them. That is no longer possible now that the "Management" of one group is challenging individuals in the other to debate then muting those individuals when they show up to do so.

Look, it's kewl. I don't really care. I didn't have to "out" myself. I have an amazing life, and I've shed enough blood to say without ego that I've earned it. Anyone who needs masters, leaders, superiors, managers, overseers, etc. ... feel free to leave any group I'm in. I hear political parties are useful for people unwilling or unable to think for themselves and behave like adults.

But I have no desire to dominate you and even less desire to convince you that we're equal after I've appointed myself "Management".


Aaand you muted me too. Way to unite the LGBT+ community on Steemit. /endsarcasm


Hmmmm? I did. I be drunk and high rn so I probably mis-clicked.


Eh, I will check on this when I am not high or drunk. I gotta go partying again.

For those who may be wondering, @lgbt-party is not associated with the Steemit LGBT+ Discord founded by @sykochica, Steem Witness @sapphic, and @ancapbarbie.

We do not support tribal divisions and find the notion of "sub-groups" repugnant and counter-productive.

We encourage our members to be yourselves, individuals, as unique and beautiful as each and every one of you.

You are free to make any choice to support (or not) any content, cause, or other individual, but we are not arrogant or cognitively dissonant enough to self-appoint ourselves as "Management", as if anyone can or should manage you, and then try to convince you that it's for "the greater good". It's your community. Take as much or as little part in it as you are comfortable with or compelled to take.