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RE: LGBT-Party Manifesto

in #lgbt-party4 years ago (edited)

For those who may be wondering, @lgbt-party is not associated with the Steemit LGBT+ Discord founded by @sykochica, Steem Witness @sapphic, and @ancapbarbie.

We do not support tribal divisions and find the notion of "sub-groups" repugnant and counter-productive.

We encourage our members to be yourselves, individuals, as unique and beautiful as each and every one of you.

You are free to make any choice to support (or not) any content, cause, or other individual, but we are not arrogant or cognitively dissonant enough to self-appoint ourselves as "Management", as if anyone can or should manage you, and then try to convince you that it's for "the greater good". It's your community. Take as much or as little part in it as you are comfortable with or compelled to take.


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