Cute Champion - Let's make a collage #6

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Hi steemer

Welcome and thank you so much for reading, well here's my entry for the art constest Let's make a collage #6 by @Shaka called Cute Champion this is the follow up for my last entry for this contest called Funny Loser. This time I've decide to finish the story of my poor caterpillar making and animated collage, using diferent animation tecniques so I can make this picture come alive. Please Enjoy

Cute Champion.gif

Background Story

After been constanly annoyed by the caterpillar feeding of the grass on his back, the monster end up eating it, the funny loser was already feed up enough to make a caccoon and decide to transform inside the monster's guts for months, the winter comes and they get stuck in the frozen lake, the mountains and the snow. But the funny loser was ready to emerge, so it came out for the monster's fangs as a mutated fish/butterfly very cute to be a loser but not to be a champion.


Warmness RIÖ

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Carajooo! xD te quedo muy bueno bro

Gracias Bro hahaha un abrazo

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