Isle of Beauties [GIF] (Let's make a collage contest #25 by @shaka)

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Hello All #LMAC Lovers,

Here I am again with collage for @shaka's LMAC contest. Here is another Rorschach test made by rocks for me. It would be nice to be on vacation where these beauties spend their time. But for now their images are enough to create some collage. I couldn't find a posing model image to fit the rock in front of image. Because of this I drew it on Photoshop with pen tool. I found the other model in the form of a ready vector, which I gave the link below. If you are interested in fashion design this GIF can be inspiring for you.

May be you will like some standing image too:


@bidesign made this collage with Adobe Photoshop. You can see working process from below:


Used Images Source:

Hope you enjoy,
Thanks for interest.

You can get information about and participate #letsmakeacollage contest by @shaka from link:

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