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RE: Let's Chat #2 What Coins Do you HODL?

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Q: What coins do you currently HODL and why?

My brother and I bought bunch of coins like XRP, ENJ, XML, XEM last year and we currently HODL them. We're pretty dumb that's why we bought some "cheap" coins under 1 dollar that were positively mentioned or talked about on Reddit.

Q:What coins do you want to buy next?

We want to buy low cap coins like Hedge. I saw people say good things about it.

Q: What do you want to achieve with your crypto investments?

Just wait and see, we're gonna become millionaires out of our initial investment of a whole lot of 400$! On a serious note, we want to buy rental property.


You weren't dumb as you were smart enough to HODL and it's paying out! Keep doing so :)

Heard of SmartCash and PoS coins? They would be perfect for you as you like to hodl.

Good idea, wish you much success.

Thank you for the encouragement and coin suggestions, appreciate it! I like me some dividends. Will look into these coins. (^ω^)

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