The Global Reset--Agenda 21 and the New World Order (2020)

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For those of you unfamiliar with the phrase “Economic Reset”, it's one that's being used increasingly by globalists and central bankers. The "Economic Reset" is often mentioned alongside ideas like “ New Multilateralism” or “New World Order” or “Globalization”. All of these phrases are part of the same agenda and mean essentially the same thing.


The Economic reset is increasingly being promoted as a solution to the ongoing financial crisis which collapsed in 2008. This economic crash is still unfolding today; however, after a decade of printing to infinity, the bubble is so much bigger than it was before. As usual, the Federal reserve “cure” is far more harmful than the disease, and the impending financial crash we face today is much deadlier than the one in 2008. If we would have taken our medicine and let the crash purge the inefficiencies out of the system, the problem would have been solved a
decade ago.

Mainstream economists wrongly attribute the central bank's habit of making things worse to “ignorance”. They mistakingly believe that the Fed actually wants to save the financial system, but of course, this is not reality. The truth is, the Fed isn't making any mistakes, the Fed is actually a following a planned agenda, it's suicide bomber that will destroy the global monetary system and clear a path towards a new globally centrally controlled one-world system. Hence, the “Economic Global Reset”.

Was the Global reset planned all along?

Make no mistake, The Economic Reset is not a “response” to a random economic crisis that just so happened to be crashing. No, the Economic Reset is an orchestrated event created by central banks, IMF, and multinational corporations. The Collapse is a tool, a planned demolition to make way for the foundations of a New World Order….this economic disaster serves the interests of the elite.

2020 is a big year for the Globalists agenda, we can see it quickly coming to fruition, with the globalists revealing what appears to be Global Economic Reset reset as soon as 2021. Don't believe me? The World Economic Forum literally announced the Great Reset plan as part of
their Covid-19 Action Platform a week ago. An elitist summit is scheduled for January 2021 in which they plan to discuss the plan for a New World order with the world.

The World Economic Forum also released a rather creepy video on the Global Reset, which included several images of the world falling apart (images of factories blowing smog in the air, in order to fear monger their global warming agenda). The collapse is initiated at the push of a
button, after the reset they show the reverting back to a pristine world of nature (with no humans) and the words “Join Us”.

The Global Reset, according to its description by the IMF, is supposed to be the next phase in what will become a one-world government system with a global economy. This also seems to correlate with the solutions offered from the "Event 201" pandemic simulation. Event 201
was basically a simulation for a coronavirus pandemic that was funded by Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as the World Economic Forum. This eerily similar event happened just 4-5 months before the COVID-19 breakout. Event 201 promoted the idea repetitively that a central global government could better manage the financial response and controlled lockdown to the coronavirus.

A long-term Global reset plan

Look at how conveniently the events of the real coronavirus pandemic match exactly in line with the simulation, and at the same time, a global reset plan is initiated. As the old saying goes, let no crisis go to waste, and “Order Out Of Chaos”.

With the prevalence of civil unrest spreading around the world, and the pandemic set for a resurgence of infections, a second wave of lockdowns will be likely become a reality. The economic system as we know it is being destroyed. The last of the old system, hanging on by a
thread, it won't be long until all hell breaks loose.

It's not hard to see their goal – demoralize the population with riots, Racism, group identities, and class war. Break the supply chain until they come begging the establishment for help. Once this is accomplished and nations are on their Knees, they will offer the “solution” of economic tyranny, immunization passports, martial law, a global financial system based on digital currencies in which privacy is erased. Once these tools are in place, a“multilateral” one-world government has full control to do as they please. We the people will not have a say, they believe that their ideas are more important.

When I first heard about the Global reset, 6 years ago, Christine Lagarde made a very strange speech that permanently changed my life. She was speaking specifically about numerology and the “lucky number 7” and how the global reset would come in 7 years. Maybe a coincidence? Or does she know something we don't?…


The NWO, a global reset, is a long term plan to centralize power, but what's really scary about it is that it's meant to become our future for centuries to come. The globalists know that it's not enough to achieve one-world government by force alone. In order to prevent resistance and eternal rebellion, the elites will use psychological warfare and have the population begging for global leadership. It's so much easier to disguise their agenda by causing worldwide chaos and have people sucking off the tits of the government. they won't care about rebelling against the hand that feeds them. Problem, reaction, solution.

How the Economic Global Reset will unfold

Covid-19 isn't going away anytime soon. We should be expecting that governments will call for a renewed lockdown within a few months. These new lockdowns however will be the final blow to the US economy, in particular, it will be finished. A similar fate will happen to many countries around the world. In America, 40 million people will lose their jobs, most states only partially reopened so far, and only thirteen to eighteen percent of small businesses will survive. The remainder of 2020 will be a disaster.

The only sustainable solution is for people to form self-reliant communities. Decentralized local economies and independent companies that opt-out of their system. Decentralized cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and blockchain-based social media like Steemit and Hive. The globalists will attempt to destroy any effort that seeks to break away from their program. That being said, they cannot stop us if millions of people cooperate to use decentralized systems and localized economies.

We are about to see the true test when the final collapse of the old economy crumbles to the ground. When stagflation rattles the world and prices for necessities 10x overnight. Joblessness will skyrocket even further, while people reach out to their savior, the globalist elites.
Most will be bowing in submission in order to get free handouts, but who will be ready to fight back? This is what I think a lot about these days, wondering how many will join us in our fight for freedom.

Although our future looks quite bleak at the moment, there is a growing number who have woken up and are ready to fight back. maybe not enough yet, but the numbers will grow, we must do our part to spread the message before it's too late. I could be overly optimistic, but I
believe we can still win this battle and put an end to their plan once and for all.

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In 1984, Yuri Beznemov describes how Leftism would be used as a tool to destroy America


Really great post. Very well written.

Thanks for stopping by 👍

Very interesting

Thanks for stopping by :)

Dear @cyberblock

Interesting choice of topic. One of those posts, which surely are worth checking out and reading through.

however, after a decade of printing to infinity, the bubble is so much bigger than it was before

It's hard not to agree, that we live in 'everything bubble'. Real economy and financial economy are very disconnected.

The truth is, the Fed isn't making any mistakes, the Fed is actually a following a planned agenda

I disagree. FED is just one part of huge machinery of global financial monetary system. System that has been broken for very long. System which is broken to the core and build on wrong foundations.

Economical collapse is not good for anyone. Neither FED, or US administration or EU or even China.
FED has very little tools, and they simply do not even have any other option than to print more money.

There are naturally many people who believe that it's all being planned. And I spoke with few in the past. I asked them what would they do if there were FED and they could turn back the time to ... before C19. I never got any reliable answer. Printing money was always the only solution. The only difference all those people could suggest was different redistribution of those newly printed money.

2020 is a big year for the Globalists agenda

Globalists are having the worst time of their existance.

Interesting read. However it does sound like it's being sponsored and very one sided.

yours, Piotr

Hey crypto.Piotr, thanks for stopping by,

This article is my opinion based off what I've learned over the years. It's definitely not sponsored. Once you understand what their agenda is and what they want to accomplish, everything starts to make perfect sense.

Everything is happening exactly as I predicted. How did I know? It's not because I'm smarter than anyone else, but instead because I understand what they want to accomplish. Once you know, then all this crazy shit happening doesn't seem so random.

Dear @cyberblock

Once you understand what their agenda is and what they want to accomplish, everything starts to make perfect sense.

I agree with you. However it's also very clear to me, that there are many groups of powers having different goals and different directions.

And globalist lost it. They lost their "chance". Most movements across the globe are taking very opposite direction. And we have to mention, that finally China is taking more actions. And China will never support globalism in it's current form.

Once you know, then all this crazy shit happening doesn't seem so random.

Of course. You're right. None of it is random. However cause you're describing is just a thing of the past. Globalism is dead and nothing will resurect it. Unfortunatelly that also means, that very difficult and challenging times are ahead of us.

Yours, Piotr

It's me again @cyberblock

Together with @project.hope - we've started new initiative which I consider quite unique and interesting. Perhaps you could spare few minutes and check out our recent post and share your thoughts:

I would appreciate your feedback. I read all comments.

Cheers, Piotr

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