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  • bid bot abuse
    You bought votes to increase the rewards of your post above the value of its content.

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Isn't it wild that some people think stealing is censorship?
Yet simply posting a link and boosting it to the moon while removing rewards from the sharepool and taking from those who are working hard to legitimately earn them is totally fine.
@slobberchops, I think my man here is delusional.

I don't have a problem with his content. The fact that he is trading SteemLeo is interesting to me, as it is one way to increase your stake without any risk (no fees).

There are a few who think we are all victimising them. I get tired of repeating the same old stuff tbh.., maybe I should make a standard response.

We all want the token to increase in value. Even HE does. I can't see buying votes is going to help and to the outside world nothing will have changed if it continues.

Did you see the entire post @slobberchops? Where he started comparing OCDB to SS with pictures depicting concentration camps?

Now, removal of rewards on a post like this would be censorship, until he boosts it, as he did... If people are not upvoting a post comparing OCDB to Nazi's, then it is probably because no one wants to support this, which is a damn good use of a flag once it's boosted in my humble opinion.

Free speech is one thing, but hate speech directed at a team that I have personally been a curator for, and know each and every one of them to be great individuals who work damn hard for steem... No , that is where futuremind draws the line.

I saw it, there have been a few lately. The thing is we all want the fucking token price to go up.., for the last 18 months it's gone down.. that's all I have ever seen.

In that time, bots have been used and the outside world perceive Steemit to be a place where whales rule and tending is paid content.

if nothing changes, how can anything change..

@ocd @ocdb please remove your downvote.

Read about the EIP and what buying votes does to everyone who doesn't, or don't.

Thank you for your reply.

Please read my latest block post about the death of Steemit.

Have you looked at the stats?
You don't think people are able to downvote posts on their own?

The bots are already barely profitable even without your massive killer bot. I'm pretty sure a few whales like yourself would be able to kill them completely even without your massive killer bot.

You support centralization of Steemit? I thought Steemit was supposed to be a decentralized platform and not centralized.

Have you ever looked at the Steemit stats? We have like a million users and only about 30,000 active accounts.

What is the obsession with kicking people off the platform? Do you really think that helps Steem and Steemit? Maybe it helps but I feel bad for the regular users.

I'm sorry if your were abused or something as a child.

Please remove the downvotes you made to my account.

Not abused as a child but thanks for worrying!

Why are you so big into flagging/downvoting? Do you have an obsessive compulsive disorder when it comes to numbers?

Do you like getting downvoted?

Do you think that it might be theoretically possible that people don't like having their posts downvoted/flagged especially into oblivion and that it might cause them to leave the platform.

I think Frank might have been the second best Steemian although khaleelkazi is pretty good too. lol :(

Have you looked at the ponzi scheme nature of the steem blockchain? Bots were really the only real way for most motivated users to actually earn Steem. Now that you take that away why would they want to stick around?

There was also a bong nature to the bots that helped encourage investors to come and stay on the platform.

Sure you might keep some users around with your upvotes but overall like my post said I think you are helping to kill although you might be helping especially when I really get to work. ;)

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