Questioning the World View

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Okay – why is it important to maintain the fiction that we call the current world view from the USA? Perhaps the time has come to delve into a new make-up for a new world Constitution, rather than putting fresh lipstick on this pig? The process of voting through elections is rigged eight ways til Sunday and today is just Monday morning.

The solution is to go local and to go global at the same time. Each of us has merit on our home turf – through the folks that we know and have been interacting with us, as individuals, for years. The current diaspora driving the planet to create refugees has plenty of Americans scattered in the wake of the bankers latest fiscal tsunami wave.

We continue to reward current non-competence with more power and influence. The game has been structured to favor the most corrupt – the best bluffer wins at the poker table when nobody ever buys to see the cards at the end of the hand. How about changing the rules to make everything open source, to remove the shackles of unearned economic advantage.

Life is not fair. The court system is run by lawyers that are pledged to the British registry. The federal reserve is neither federal nor carries any verified reserves. We knew what we know from gleaning information from an assortment of official proclamations and citizen discovery – the mechanism relating the two is non-existent. When one side controls all the pathways and the other claims to represent the misinformed masses, then we all work in quicksand, from a starting point of false attempting to create something true. How likely is that to succeed?

How do we evaluate ourselves? Americans live in an information bubble where sixty years of movies on television has given Hollywood reign to distort beliefs. This especially applies to personal interaction. Morality and ethics have become fluid – as situational as a comedy. We think ourselves politically correct by restricting free speech, while listening to collective media telling and retelling the same one story. Everything is about the hero's journey, over and over again, until we believe it as the only way.

We are betrothed to a university education system that suborns truth and compartmentalizes it into smaller and smaller cells that make intuitive sense only to their designer. The mechanisms of simple things, like water, is completely unknown, because the overlays each assign water to a different background role, due to its omnipresence at every fractal scale. Always a member of the supporting cast, never the star. What if water is the real basis for all physical and metaphysical structure?

Can't be so. Why? Because science tells us so. What is science? A postage stamp perspective that disavows anything that cannot be converted to a physical signal, that can be measured as tangible by a machine of their own creation. Ignore material consciousness. What is consciousness? Well, scientists can't explain a mechanism because we collectively are not awake yet – we are still in their holographic illusion of an Armageddon whirled. Flashback - Family Circle - Billy's ghost - Not me.

Thyme to play a knew game in a new way. Measure everything. The idea is to prove mass balance – that what goes in, must come out. What goes up, must come down. Spinning Wheel, got to go round. Talk about your troubles and you never learn – ride a painted pony, let the spinning wheel turn. The second law does not allow a closed system to generate more energy than the system can store. What if all physics is local?

What if physics is local is loco? Well, what if our closed system proves to be an open system once we measure it properly? What if our current measurement techniques are corrupt? What if our overlay of perspective of science is not true, but based on faulty premise? Would that not change our perspective?

It seems to me that such an overlay was added to the world early in the 20th century. The system was reinvented from a Jekyl Island perspective (GEG), with knowledge sequestered among those that could afford to purchase it using capital. The robber barons reconstructed the system with all forms and flows of energy routed through them. Corporate ownership was moved from inventors to entrepreneurs to accountants to bankers who greased the skids with new, uninformed information.

Meanwhile, lawyers with copy-writes and patents and non-disclosure agreements pulled real information into secrecy. They needed another outlet, an overlay where the build-out would not show the depth of depravity of overall control. They placed the American public into a photo-shopped televised endless stifle time loop.

Prior valid information slowly was removed. Before they took away our libraries through vague illiteracy and lack of publishers not on the dole, we had thinkers like Tesla, Walter Russell, Rife, George, Gurdgieff, Steiner, Schauberger,... Look up the actual movers and we see the 20th century permanent war game Orwellian crowd has foreclosed the poker table – no cards necessary. As we have no skin in the game left for we the people, then what is next?

Time to quit work and move on to something better. A world at peace. Let's use a different model.

Imagine joining a guild where you learn a skill that you can carry forth. Prime a pump, share a topic, start creating a new reality. The lack of integrity of the base knowledge gives us much to relearn. It is time to lose the advanced fictional knowledge base and turn off the juice on the period of American exceptionalism.

Let's learn how to be part of the local world, so that we can be accepted into the global world reconfigured to accommodate all beings of any thought persuasion. Then we can talk about global unity. Not United Nations style – let's use a Federation of Planets model from Star Trek.

Live long and prosper … doc

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The country with the most military strength is seen the leader which dictates the rules. But isn’t that a universal law, that the stronger dictates the rules whilst the weakest have to follow.

Totally agree with your point, but just being a devils advocate here.