Slow Down and Think

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Udemy has great courses and I have a couple running there. A couple of years ago I got this great idea to do a series on CISSP Certification. Certified Information Systems Security Professional. I became a CISSP in 2001 and I remember the studying involved. I thought about it but it seemed too overwhelming.

Today I worked on the course, lining up the lectures and seeing what is new for 2018 -- the exam is new as of April 15, 2018. It didn't take long before my mind got filled to capacity and I was not taking the proper steps. Sure sign I needed a break.

I went to my Novel Deconstruction plan and worked on that. But I needed to get up out of my chair and get outside and do something where there are people and where the whole purpose is to just relax.

So I went to bingo. I didn't win but I had several chats with people and a lot of laughs and some good coffee.

On the drive home, I sorted out the next step for my CISSP course. I'll sleep on it and tomorrow I will continue to outline the videos I need to make and write the course description.

What always stalled me before was not knowing when to stop because all I was doing was spinning my wheels. Something like this cannot be done in a day. But chunks of it can be.


I think you're on the right track. It does help me to take breaks (can you say Candy Crush?) and return ready to do another chunk. You can do it!!

It's like writing a novel. I want to race through it but it gets so painful and exhausting. I find that doing work around the house works better if I do it in small chunks.

Congratulations for your words!

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