Litecoin Wallet Access Problem with Ledger Nano S [Solved]

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Dear investors,

yesterday I had some strange issues regarding my Ledger Nano S hardware-wallet.

While trying to open the Litecoin wallet with the Bitcoin Chrome application, synchronization took forever and I never reached the wallet.

I checked the Ledger knowledge base and found some tips to solve this:

  • disconnect and reconnect your device
  • check that you do not have any firewall or security program which would block our servers
  • uninstall and reinstall your Chrome app

I tried out all of this and also reinstalled the Litecoin app on the Ledger, but nothing helped. At least I was still able to access all the other wallets (like Bitcoin and Ether).


So I went to sleep and had some really bad nightmares about loosing all my coins. But this morning I tried opening the Litecoin wallet again. And guess what?

When opening the Litecoin wallet I ended up being on a "Bitcoin Test" - Blockchain and the same thing happened when I was trying to open the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash wallets.

I was very short before heart attack and opened up the support form on the Ledger-site, but what I read there wasn't so funny either:

Due to a phenomenal number of messages since the Bitcoin fork, you'll likely receive an answer within 2 to 3 weeks (Monday-Friday CEST). The best way to fix your issue is most of the time to read our guides and FAQ on

Before I really went mad, I had just one more idea: I headed over to reddit and found the Ledger wallet subreddit.


I instantly felt a great relieve when I noticed, that I wasn't the only one having exactly the same issue. Finally it turned out to be a build issue of the Ledger Bitcoin Chrome extension. Ledger just updated the extension to be able to handle the Bitcoin-Segwit addresses, but that somehow disabled the Litecoin wallet.

All I had to do was manually updating the Chrome extension to Version 1.9.2 by going to chrome://extensions/ and manually forcing the update by clicking on "Update extensions now" (must be in developer mode to be able to do so).

And then: TA-DA everything worked as expected.

I am able to access my Litecoin-, Bitcoin- and all the other wallets again!

Hopefully this information is useful for anybody having the same issue and maybe in the near future we are able to find help at Steemit first and don't have to head over to reddit anymore.

Have a safe weekend everybody!



There are still some network issues with the ledger api, which makes it difficult to send funds from the Ledger-wallet (receiving should work fine, but the information may not be updated instantly.)

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I still have 28 LTC lost in unconfirmed transactions of which the Ledger wallet gave me non existing transaction IDs. And I am not the only one. In the chome webstore I found following support request made about 2 hours ago:

On 21/12/2017 at 0:00h I made a transaction from my Ledger Nano S to my Bitfinex wallet.
The Ledger Nano S gave me a false/wrong transaction number and my LTC's are missing.
My LTC are not in my Ledger Nano S.
My LTC are not in my Bitfinex wallet.
My LTC are not on the LTC explorer according with the transaction number given by my Ledger Nano S.
As developer team can see on attached pictures I've sent them, there are "0 confirmations" several days later.
I'm very concerned about my 60 LTC and every coins/token I have into my Ledger Nano S.
I only want to have my LTC's back as soon as possible.
I've sent many information about this Ledger Nano S problem system to the developers, and many screen captures; but I'm still waiting one week ago without any response.
Could you fix this, please?

I myself reported the same issue to ledger support a few days back. I provided them with log files of the app which showed errors from their api. Today I also posted a support request in the Chrome webstore as I do not get any reply:

I have send LTC out on the 21-12-2017. 10 LTC to an exchange, 18.6 to the legacy wallet on the ledger. All litecoins have disappeared from the balance, but non have arrived. The transactions remain unconfirmed and the transaction hash cannot be traced on the blockchain. I read that other users have the same problem and I hope you can solve the problem soon so we can get control over out LTC again.

I think this is really bad and I have suspended using the Ledger Nano S all together. And maybe I will stop using Hardware wallets all together.


Thanks for your comment. For me it was only a temporary problem which was solved very fast and I did not have any problems with the Ledger afterwards.

Fingers crossed, that your LTC can be traced and returned very soon. Good luck!


Yes I still have hope. Thanks!

Thanks to this article i only pooped myself 3 times, but thankfully was saved from a mini heart attack.

logged into my LTC wallet and all my LTC had disappeared. Following this article i was able to see them in my lovely possession again in no time.

Thanks a bunch.


You're welcome! I'm happy, that this article has saved you from getting a heart attack :-)
Thanks for letting me know :-)

OMG that must have been a nightmare, scary as hell. Happy you worked it out!

Hmm i have my litcoins on poloniex and price is going up. 51$ actual :)


Yes, Litecoin is performing pretty nice lately. But I wouldn't suggest to store any higher amounts on an exchange. For example, I've heard that there is a hack to bypass 2FA on Polo, that is being sold in the darknet. So your account is not as safe as it seems to be.

On the other hand the experiences of Mt. Gox and other exchanges, that ran away with the money of their coustomers should be reason enough to always have full control over your cryptos.


I know, you are absolut right its a risk...but its so nice to have different coins in one place. I already split my coins on bitshares open ladger to decrese my risk a bit :s


Yes, besides bitshares and ledger, I also use exodus wallet, because it's able to store a bunch of different coins in one place on your computer.


oh cool, have not heard about it but i will check this out!

I can really understand your fear, first time when I transferred my SBD to poloniex and they did not arrive there, my heart was about to come into my mouth. I tried creating multiple tickets and they did not even care to reply them just some automated replies but soon after few hours I saw these posts flooding on the steemit I felt really relaxed.


At least when others are having the same issue, it gives me some confidence, that someone has to take care of it.

But it might be one of the biggest problems of crypto, that there are so many things that could go wrong and lead to loosing your coins.

You have to be triple careful with everything you do in cryptoland.


Yes just a one click and we are done. So we should be very careful to make that single click.

that feeling is crazy. I had the problem not with the wallet, but my financial data on my drive. in the moment I got hot and cold and every single noise around me was disturbing me. I knew how you feel.... you have my full up vote for that share,


Thank you!

Thank you very much. I have same problem and I will try yor steps. If it works I will appreciate to you...


Fingers crossed!

This is excellent news that proves the effectiveness of these wallets.


I feel for you mate :) And happy you have got access to your assets again. By the way what is the safest ever way to hold you assets long term? Is it paper wallet or some other option?


Thanks, harware-wallets are usually one of the safest ways to keep your assets safe. Just make sure that you have your seed phrase at a very safe place and you even would be able to restore your wallets, when you loose or destroy the hardware-wallet.

When you want to use paper-wallets, you have to make sure that the paper-wallet is generated on a machine that never had any access to the internet. Otherwise someone could be able to intercept the private key.


Ok, i get it. My main concern what happens if the hardware wallet gets destroyed or malfunctions. So you can just restore it as i understand now on a new one you purchase with the phrase.
And what about a mobile app wallet like Jaxx? Thank you for your explanation @shortcut.


Exactly, you can always restore your funds unsing the backup-phrase. (My ledger uses a 24-word phrase). Jaxx wallets can also be restored using a 12-word backup phrase.

The main difference is the fact, that your mobile phone is often connected to the internet and installing apps may potentially give hackers access to your private keys. Here is a good overview about existing hardware-wallets.


The funds on the ledger wallet always seemed to be safe, but due to the recent Bitcoin hardfork and Segwit activation, they had to update the Chrome apps very fast. That led to some bugs, I guess.