Should You Make Your Own Hat?

in learning •  3 months ago

Last month, I made my cardboard box hat and did some updates on it.

My sister and brother's cardboard hats are gone but mine is still functional. I still have it and it's the longest time a cardboard lasted with me.


It's the best sun shield

We went out and I remembered to bring my hat this time.

My mom asked me if I really needed to bring it with me. I said yes.

It turned out to be helpful and useful!

It was morning and the sun is rising. The sunshine was on my eyes and the truck's sun visor is not helping me.

So I flipped the visor on my hat down and it worked perfectly.

I don't need the sun on eyes so it was ok to not see anything while the sun was directly in front of me.

What else can help you if you don't have sunglasses?


That's how my baby brother does it.

But he had to hold the ball up all that time so it made him tired.

My baby sister was hiding so she wasn't bothered by the sunlight.

That's the cardboard box I made my hat with. You should make you one too. It's fun and you never know when you'll need it.

If you're thinking we need sunglasses, we do have them. We're just being silly and didn't wear them.

We love being together!

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