Code Journey - Old Dog / New Tricks: Never...Stop...Learning...Period

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  • The day you stop learning is the day you start dying.
  • You can't get something from nothing.
  • Don't wait for the teachers in school to teach you how to do something.


I know it sounds cheesy, but all my life my elders told me to never stop learning. I always took that quote casually. But not anymore. And neither should you. Wake up and start your training.

Why should you keep learning?

  • To stay relevant in your current or next job.
  • To keep expanding your skill-set and knowledge-base.
  • To become a superstar or linchpin in whatever space you want to be in.

You and I

So when I say "You" I include myself in these declarative demands. The difference is, I hope to be able to mentor some of you with direction and speed. Everyone knows about Google and research on the internet. The other extreme is to go to a university and spend tens of thousands of dollars. I believe there is a happy medium.

Why should you learn with me?

For as long as I'm capable, I want to share my 20 years of experience. I feel that I can help you build websites from ground zero starting point.

My Goal is to mentor by sharing how I learn.

  • I want to be like a new developer, and share my journey in learning how to build websites.
  • I intend to write about concepts that I'm going through.
  • I hope to create videos demonstrating these concepts.
  • I hope to have live sessions helping those interested to get up to speed and answer questions.
  • I hope to create a community for those new to this experience to help each other learn how to build websites.
  • In the not too distant future, I'd like to have apprentices or understudies.

I plan on beginning and sharing this Journey starting next week (January 8, 2017).

So who am I? I check out my Introduce me post on Steemit:

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